Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is what happens when Tina and Brandy are in charge of Robyn's post surgical care!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! Just wanted to send a little update to keep you all up to date on Robyn's post surgical progress....
Robyn is such a trooper, no surprise right??? Lower lumbar staples, back brace, four point walker, ice, hospital bed in the living room (thank you Matt) and some good pain meds...thank god!
Where else could I have a blast doing laundry while chatting with one of my best friends. Not to mention getting hooked on another vampire saga, like the Twilight series was not bad enough. Now I have True Blood to deal with:)

I haven't even mentioned the dogs yet. Macey girl is my sweetie, in fact she did not cause any trouble and maintained a low profile. Cosmo and Levi are a whole other ball game. Apparently they are not allowed in the yard at the same time due to the major destruction the two of them can cause together, as evidenced my the azalea tree that Cosmo used as a chew toy! Sorry Robyn, I tried to re-plant it but I'm not giving it much hope. My only hope was to bribe the "little angels" and by the time I was done two bags of doggie treats were gone. In fact, Levi my love, brought me the bag himself to continue with my plea for good behavior. I will be going to Target today for more because these loving, devoted boxers have got me all figured out.. Yes, I am a sucker for beautiful pouty brown eyed boxers with azalea bushes hanging out of there mouths:)
At the end of the day the most beautiful children came home from school ...My sweet Callie commented on my outfit. Cole entertained my four year old without complaint and Peyton could not wait to show me her new dance moves.
Robyn, Robyn, Robyn, always so endearing and grateful. Thank you for letting me be a part of you life!!!
Speedy recovery and lots of luv.........Tina
P.S. special shout out to Brandy who assisted with decorating and taking photos of Robyn!! And.....Stephanie who is doing all of the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning while Brandy and I capture theses special moments....

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