Sunday, November 8, 2009

Callie's mini shoot and a little tease for you vintage/flea/antiquey types!

I promise I'll add to this post tomorrow, I'm just too tired. My lovely Callie finally asked ME to take some photos of HER. Yes ladies and gentlemen I thought perhaps the world fell of it's axis for a moment . More on that later...

We FINALLY have had our family photos done. The last time we had them done Peyton was just over a year! So big difference...I'll post a couple of them. We shot at my lovely and delightful friend, Jeanettes completely indiscribably gorgeous home. You may remember her from this post or this post which just has photos of some of Jeannettes property and it's lovliness:

I stopped by my favorite antique store today and picked up a few dollars worth of stuff. YES, I mean a few dollars! LOL I'll show you my cool super thick milk jugs from dairy's in Baltimore and my fun little measuring cup plus an enamel pitcher. BUT the SUPER COOL THING IS, Bob is going to let me come in and photograph some of his goodies in the store for you this week. I'm going to try tomorrow or Tuesday. YOU will be amazed and jealous unless you live nearby. HOWEVER, I'll include Good ol' Bob's phone number so you can possibly purchase that way as well and he's NOW EBAY'ing some goodies too! Lot's to look forward to this week. Plus that recipe I never got around to posting too!

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jen said...

your daughter is gorgeous --as is your photography! i have twins as well - both girls - 4 1/ having multiples, isn't it? looking forward to seeing more of your blog!