Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jeanette Vignette or the Lure Of The VIGNETTE!

I couldn't think of a blog title this lovely morning. My friend Jeannette doesn't know I'm blogging about her. I'll have to call her. Hope she's okay with this! Hey Jeannette, funny of my delightful and wonderful internet friends (Hi LORI! I totally feel like Lori and I are sisters seperated at birth except she got the good back and is able to hike mountains and stuff plus she owns a REALLY super cool dog/cat/animal care service called READY! PET! GO!) followed the link in my last post that shows Jeannette's uber cool under tree Christmas display of delightful sheep. Lori must not have had her glasses on (or she had a Bloody Mary for breakfast) and momentarily thought, "How'd Robyn get those sheep in the door and get them to pose so cutely?". I just wanted to say that I swear VIGNETTE is Jeannettes middle name. I swear the woman can plop down a huge head of cauliflower and an orange and it looks like an impressionist painting. True story, when we had our family photo shoot at Jeanette's last weekend (I will show you some of those pics when I get them from my friend, the photog), my photog friend, Kathleen and I popped our head into the kitchen to say goodbye and thank you. Jeannette had just comeback from shopping at the farmers market and on her counter was a GORGEOUS head of delish looking cauliflower (if I ate cauliflower I mean) and one single orange. Still life. I swear just those two things looked like a lovely still life painting. The woman oooozes style! This first photo is in her MUDROOM. YES her MUDROOM looks this lovely. It's this little room off the back of the house in this other photo. I go to the back door when I visit her because she told me I'm a back door friend a couple years ago. THAT's like the biggest compliment you can get from a friend!

Couple things I MUST share. While on VERY RESTRICTED ACTIVITY after today's Rhizotomy, I hope to make this ultra cool wreath from this super cool blog .   I don't think using a glue gun is against the rules of VERY RESTRICTED ACTIVITY, do you? Also, one of the blogs I follow is having a Pottery Barn give away. WHO on earth couldn't spend 25 George's in PB? Or 2,500 for that matter! Anyway, you just have to leave a comment! Check it out.

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Lori said...

HaHaHa! I feel famous!
It is a true story about the cute little sheep I tell ya! They are all just standing in that photo under what appears to be a life size tree saying: "Well good day to you! We just walked in this beautiful home from an hour of grazing and thought we would see what was happening inside!"
p.s. I love your blog Robyn! :)

Robyn said...

Oh Lori, THANK YOU! I love doing it even if no one read it! Although comments make me giddy! LOL

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Robyn,
I like your Blog Title too,btw. : ) I had a feeling I would as soon as I read your comment over at my place. Hee-hee!
I've been suffering from computer problems and life-itis, so this is a little belated.
I scrolled down to see your adorable twins and their "hug" photos!! Too cute for words. : )