Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear John and some Christmas Goodies! OHHH and come back tomorrow...

EDIT-------  I've been teasing you forever about going to my favorite antique/vintage goodies/junk shop and taking photos of all of his SCHTUFF!  I'm definately going tomorrow, UNLESS it rains then he won't be open.  I haven't left the house much since Turkey really threw me to the wolves and then rain just makes it worse and it's been RAINING HERE!  I'll post them late tomorrow, so come check them out, you won't be sorry!  Plus I'll give his number and you can call him if you see something you HAVE TO HAVE.

When you spend as much time laying around as I do (I know some of you are like, "oh GAWD, she's going to complain about having to lay around!" but I'll gladly switch with you. ANYTIME.) you have tons of time to READ. A. LOT. I'm not really a TV person so I'm not up on any shows. However, if you want some book recomendations, I'M YOUR GIRL! I just finished one that I want to share with you. It's "DEAR JOHN" by Nicholas Sparks. I don't often read him because they are often just a wee bit too bittersweet for me. I think he has awesome talent but I'm often a FLUFF reader and he's not a fluffy book guy, in my opinion. When I went to see New Moon with a bunch of girly's, there was a preview of the Dear John movie and then I saw the book in the the grocery store so I picked it up. It's a MuST READ. Very poingnant and shows the true meaning of love. Get it. Read it. Let me know what you think!

I'm probably going to do a lot of cyber shopping this year like last year. I want to share some of the little places that have some awesome and unique wares that you won't find at the mall! I love gifts like that!  ENJOY!!!

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