Thursday, December 3, 2009


LOOK a brown canning jar! And those tiny little creamers behind it!  SWEET! This window is where I find goodies all the time!  I found my saphire blue fire king side spout measuring cup there.  That salt and pepper shaker there has a girlfriend match just out of the photo and they are the most lovely blue hue!That bottle on the far right would be PERFECT with a pour spout for olive oil or dish would be so pretty sitting in your window sill with the morning sun glowing through!I see something in this photo I have to call Bob about today...I think it's a metal pedestal!  YAY!Look for the book with the odd spelling title!These airplanes would be SWEET hanging in the corner of a little boys room!COFFEE TINS!!!!antique chocolate mold in the shape of a pistol!BOB has THE BEST BALL JARS...yesterday I got one that's full of bubbles and has a strait neck and isn't even numbered!  GREAT PRICES TOO!

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