Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Master Bedroom Sneaky Peeky

Remember my LUCK in receiving the Annettte Tatum duvet cover from the MARVELOUS MARIA at DREAMY WHITES ?  Well, we've purchased the feather filled down comforter (to put IN the DUVET) from HEAVEN (my new name for Ikea) as well as their 400 thread count SATEEN sheets.  These sheets are TO. DIE. FOR.  I want to shout my love for these sheets from the rooftops.  But I'd probably fall. And break my back.  Or poke out an eye.  I'm graceful like that.  Mr. Handsome Whimages and I went to our other little slice of Heaven, otherwise known as Home Depot last night.  He got some boards to work on the built in I mentioned earlier and I picked up paint samples.  Here's a little display of some colors I'm playing with.  We had Behr's French Silver left over from the island so some of that is slapped on the wall.  As much as I LOVE it on the island, in our not well natural lit bedroom, I fear it's a tad too dark.  I might have them half it or third it with white, or choose another paint.  Tonight, when I wake up at 3:00 am. I JUST might make a cool POLYVORE of all the cool stuff that we'd LIKE to do and get for the bedroom. 

Our Island with   Behr's French Silver, looks so much lighter in the kitchen which is full of sun!

Oooooppps, I NOW KNOW I should never accidentally show up in a photo in horizontal stripes.  But they are a really comfy lounge set from Target with matching lightweight Capri sweat pant thingys.  That makes it all better.  Pretend I'm thinner, 'kay?  Don't mind Macy back there on the bed either.
I want to add that if I could go to ANY vintage/antique/junque show this year it would totally be this one THE FARM CHICK SHOW and if you want to check out a chance for a $50 ANTHRO card, go here to TWIG...you won't be sorry!


Tausha said...

Just found your blog! I am coveting your bedroom! I have redo mine 3 times and I am still not LOVING it! Your space sounds like it will be beautiful!
I also love your tip for the powder room!
Great blog! Please, stop by sometime and say hello! I love making new friends!!!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Oh, Im loving what Im seeing there! Congratulations on the duvet, can't wait to see the after pictures!

Ramona said...

Good Evening ~

Great post...great blog! I have enjoyed my visit.

Smiles ~ Ramona