Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dreamy Whites

If you are visiting from Dreamy Whites, WELCOME TO WHIMAGES!  It's so nice to have you!  I hope you become a follower so that I can get to know YOU!
Over the past week, I've gotten to know  a bit about Maria from the delightful blog DREAMY WHITES. Her blog is as beautiful as her heart! When Maria said she wanted to mention my blog, I was just tickled. Between the unbelievable fortune I had to win the Annette Tatum Home Collection duvet and now this...I feel like I'm dreaming! Of course in WHITE! I'll give you the 60 second Robyn run down...

I know everyone says they are married to their best friend. Yes, I'm going to say that too. My husband Matt and I have been friends since we were kids, I met him when I was 10! We'll be married 17 years in April and have 3 children. Girl/Boy twins that will be 14 in May. Their names are Callie and Cole. They are 7 minutes apart and NO, they are not identical. Probably sounds crazy when you think about it, but girl/boy twins can NEVER be identical.  That is the most commonly asked question. We even had an orthopaedic surgeon ask us that last week. I guess he sat next to a pretty, smart girl in genetics! We also have a  little diva who just turned 8 named Peyton. She says the funniest things (I know all parents think that!) and some day when you need a laugh, search Peytonisms in the blog search engine. BELIEVE me, it's worth it!  Our home is also shared with two furry clowns, Macy and Cosmo.  They are Boxers and Boxer rescue (all rescue, really) is something I hold dear to my heart.  We've had all rescued Boxers since I was 18.  We have 3 feathered friends and a pond full of Koi and goldfish as well.  My house is loud, chaotic and often filled with several extra kids and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I LOVE all kinds of things. I'm just going to give you some bullets! ;-)
* Photography- I love taking pictures of children, anything with fur, fins or feathers and still lifes too!
* Crafting- I enjoy all kinds of paper crafts, making mini-books (a little scrap book that usually tells a story of one event or item).
* Reading- Give me a book over the TV any day!
* Antiquing- I get goosebumps over the stores that have so much stuff you can never see it all in one visit!
* Baking and Cooking- I love to find new recipes and share them with my friends, often here on my blog.
* Blogging- I love to blog hop and see the goodies that everyone has to share. I really enjoy looking at the blogs listed on OTHER blogs
* Thrifty Decorating- My husband and I like to figure out how we can decorate on a budget. We LIVE at Home Depot. TRULY!
I'm guessing that's the ROBYN RUN DOWN.  Over the next week or so, I'm flinging open the doors to my Etsy shop over at where I'll have various photos and the occassional vintage goody that I've come across!  I'll be back in a bit to share some of my favorite posts that you might find interesting.

OHHHH, I should tell you that that little photo up there is actually a clue to my next project for my kitchen! I hope to get it done tomorrow so come back and check!

Some of my favorite past posts:

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These are the kind of friends I have...
Robyn the Robot
One of the things that could only happen to ME!
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Jennifer said...

Saw your blog from Dreamy Whites.. I *love the Robyn run down! Very nice to 'meet' you! Congratulations on winning the duvet! :)


Kathy said...

Hello Robyn...
Just found you through Dreamy Whites...
Congratulations on your win!!!
Have spent so time going through a few of your posts and learned of your spine pain. are so young for all of this...
I will be praying for the right set of eyes and hands to come across your path to bring relief.
Love your blog and enjoyed getting to know you...

xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Stop in when time allows...
Love to have you over!

chair up said...

Another blogger popping over from Dreamy Whites:o)
I was scrolling down through your post trying to decide whether to "follow" your blog or not and read that you have 2 boxer's...that was that, I couldn't click the follow button fast enough! I love boxers, have owned 2 and if we ever get another dog it could only ever be a boxer. Now I'm off to have a look around your blog.

It's me said...

Hello Robyn..nice blog you have ................!!!!!!......Just found you from Dreamy Whites..........Beautiful dogs Macy and Cosmo......i love them........please come to visit my blog and maybe you will follow...??

Have a nice day...........and strength with your spine pain !!

From Ria

Julie Johnson said...

Congrats Robyn! Just found you through Maria... loved your story. Neat that you taught classes in your basement. I've contemplated doing just that. I used to teach at the local scrapbook store, but it's a hike to get there, and it was hard to only use her product at times. Neat that you've done both!

paige said...

congratulations on your win!
you have a wonderful blog too

ps~ i'd choose a book over tv anyday too!!

ZAIRA said...

Hi my new friend!! How happy are we today??? Maria is a truly sweetheart, isn't she??

I love very much your post today, we really have a lot of things in common, like cooking new recipes for friends and reading. I'm reading for the second time The Guernsey Literary and potato August I'm going to Guernsey...I recommend it the book if don't know it yet.

have a happy weekend, Zaira xx


Hi Robyn just came over from Dreamy Whites. Love your blog. Your photos are great!

Lynda said...

Hello Robyn!! What a coincidence.....after ready about you this morning, your lovely intervieuw at "maria's" I planned on stopping by your blog later today(so much to do, but so little time to do it;) MUST know what I mean;)), and VOILÁ you are!!!
You must be floting after Maria's post;)....what a lovely intervieuw.
So......consider me a follower, and I will stop by more often. If you dont mind, I will link your "adress" at my blog, so more dutchies will stop by;)!
Have a great weekend!!


ZAIRA said...

The book was written by Mary Ann Shaffer, there's also a nice blog from her niece. Think that the author died before she could know that her book was a huge success all over Europe...It's poetic and romantic, a tribute to books and a sweet love story set after the second WW. Let me know if you read it and like it. I guess you would ;)

Have a happy weekend dear.

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

Hello Robyn!
I can't believe Maria chose me to be featured with you lovely ladies!! I really do feel so honored :) And I'm excited to have found your beautiful blog!!!! You are so talented! And your family is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my little blog, and for your sweet comment :) So funny that you have some little rascals (albeit doggies) jumping into your photos too...haha! love it!

take care and have a fabulous weekend!



Robyn, Thanks for your comment. I've been pouring over your blog posts. Whoa I love your kitchen!
What a great family you have!
That's so neat your in Maryland.
I am on the Eastern Shore. But my Best friend lives in Bel Air. Small world.

Marcela said...

Hi Robyn!
congratulations on your win!
you have a wonderful blog!

Morning T said...

Howdy- so glad Maria introduced me to you. I'll be here awhile checking out your fabulous blog.
Happy weekend Robyn!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Hey, popped over from Dreamy Whites. Love your blog!! I lived close to you in Lanc. Co PA, up until December, when I moved to Maine. Figures... I will stop by again!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

So glad you won over at dreamy whites! Love your story. Your blog is gorgeous as is your family! Thanks so much for stopping by today and all your sweet comments! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Take care

Between You and Me said...

I'm so glad that Maria featured you so that I could find my way over!

She was kind enough to also feature me....a very sweet and kind and generous girl that Maria is!!!

I'm now a happy follower of your blog...can't wait to look around!

Tina said...

Hi Robyn:) Congratulations on your wonderful feautre on Maria's blog!! I loved reading this post to learn more about you:) Your children have the loveliest names!! I can't wait to see what your kitchen project is! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx