Sunday, April 4, 2010

THANKFUL and LUCKY ME!...oh and an ETSY update ;-)

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. ~Henry Ward Beecher

I want to again express my appreciation to Maria of the delightful blog Dreamy Whites , she has GORGEOUS decorating ideas, photos that will make you gasp and obviously the sweetest family to boot!  (Pun intended 'cause she lives on a RANCH!)  She not only shares wonderful bits about her life but has the best give aways as well!  As I can attest.
 I'm just dying to show you my Annette Tatum Duvet cover!
Speaking of Annette Tatum, she is not only an EXTREMELY talented designer of all kinds of goodies but she obviously has a VERY GENEROUS heart, that I'm so thankful for!  Please check out her site that is chock-full of photo goodness and ideas for LIVING!  She has an AWESOME book with a design philosophy that your own personal fashion decisions should influence your decorating style. The book, The Well-Dressed Home has over 200 beautifully styled photographs of interiors that will reflect your own personal fashion style!  THANK you Annette from the bottom of my heart!  The give away I won is from Annette's Home Collection.  LUCKY ME!
Today was Easter and we had a relaxed day full of candy, family, love and friends.  I wanted to share this photo of Cole opening his basket and how interested the dogs were in the hoopla!  It's obvious out of the three kids, who probably shares the most with his furry siblings!  Macy and Cosmo were VERY interested in what was in his basket!   In addition to the typical Milk Chocolate and sparkly sugar coated peeps, the Easter bunny left the girls some very fun GIRLY GIRL gifts. 
These Tokyomilk lip balms are packaged so lovely. Both of them smell lovely but the cupcake one is sweet cream and has such a wonderful but subtle scent/flavor of frosting. They also each found these sweet flat pocket mirrors in the baskets. I thought they were both too pretty not to show!
Hey remember the disaster that was Peyton's birthday cake? I had followed the directions that came with the pan from Williams Sonoma exactly.  I'm not patting myself on the back or anything, but just like anyone else, I CAN follow a recipe.  You might remember, the cake would NOT come out of the pan.  WELL, we tried two BOXED brownie mixes in the pans.  THEY popped out of the pans practically on their own!  I filled them with mint chocolate chip icecream, froze the entire cake.  Let me just say one word.  Yum.  Okay, two words...Easy. Yum.  ;-)   We took Macy and Cosmo to Grandmom and Pop Pops for an egg hunt.  They look like they really couldn't figure out why they couldn't join in the fun!
I hope to have the store up and running by the end of this week, beginning of next.  The address is if you want to put it into your favorites now.  LOL Just kidding...well kind of, I'd LOVE THAT IF YOU DID! ;-)


vosges paris said...

Thnks for your loving comment again.. easter morning again , in the Netherlands we have the first and second, so another day of totally freedom.. the sun is showing itselfs so I have to go for a ride on my bike son... but first coffee, lots of coffee!!

I was wondering where you got thes cute cupcake boxes from, my daughter is soon opening a vegan coffee department in her boyfriends store and is experimenting with all kind of little cupcakes. So if you have the time please tell ;))

Dreamy Whites said...

Dear Robyn,
Thank you for saying such kind things about me. I can't wait to get to know you more. Sorry I am late on the response. I am having a hard time keeping up. I will email you tomorrow. I am so glad you won. You are so deserving of the duvet. You pictures are beautiful. I love those little boxes. I can't wait to find out how to actually use my camera, I am so excited that you have the same one. Now I can get some advice from you. Your photographs are beautiful. I have so much to learn.
I hope you are doing well.
Take Care,
and I will email you tomorrow

Rene said...

Lucky girl! Congratulations!

Mc Allen said...

wow, what great ideas!! I will have to check out the links! :) Thank you!! xoxo LA

JennyMac said...

love your ideas.

and LOVE those dogs. We have had 3 fave animal of all time.