Friday, April 16, 2010

Wooden shoe forms and it's Peytonism time again!

FIRST let me add that I haven't had pretty feet probably EVER but at least since high school! ;-) 

I've been getting as much done around the house as I can lately so that I can go on my little 4 day vacation ( shhh it's with a surgeon, you know the one I told your about a couple days ago...). I'm getting all kinds of odds and ends together but most of them are not fun.

We have a garden pond that has MANY fish, 2 of which are ENORMOUS MUTANT KOI. Not really sure if they are mutants but they are BIG and they eat A LOT. Sorta like my 3 kids. I had to get SUMMER fish food (Yes, Julie, they have different diets for different things!) and the pond store is across the county but near a SUPER cool antique store. So I asked my friend Julie if she wanted to go, and off we went 'cause these moms could both use a little FUN and a bit of thrifty retail therapy never hurts!. Unfortunately, I could have just cried. The store was EMPTY. This is a HUGE old manufacturing or storage building and it was EMPTY but had a huge GRAND OPENING SOON sign. Thank goodness or my fish may never eat again. Julie remembered another store she "thought" she had seen sort of nearby. WE didn't want to ONLY get fish food when we had visions of the every elusive "FIND". Well, we FOUND some goodies for sure...the store was
mostly overpriced but somethings were a VERY good deal. There was a LOVELY fluted edge enormous milk glass tall footed cakestand that Julie had to pry my un manicured fingers from that was only 20 or so. And Julie was VERY tempted to get  a set of ULTRA cool opaque turquoise footed sherbet cups but they were big bucks. The sweet owner directed us to the SHED where she said the things were a bit dusty and you had to DIG. We both said "WE LOVE TO DIG!" In the shed I found the last shoe form I NEEDED. I really have to usually have 3 of something on display. This one is for a women's heel and that point on the front could kill an intruder if necessary! It's a size 6 AA, I don't think I was EVER that size! LOL DANG those shoes could NOT have been comfy!

PEYTONISM TIME! Loyal Whimages followers will know I post silly/ funny/ um...ditsy things my youngest says. Her sister Callie in a moment of weakness got her these cool silicon bands that a lot of kids are wearing as bracelets but they spell her name.

Peytonism 1.
We've had a photo of the twins at about 3 months on our dresser forever. Yesterday, I was dusting it (you KNOW if I was dusting I MUST be getting ready for something!). Peyton asked who they were. At first, I thought she was kidding. She. Wasn't. Believe me this child really is smart. She's just a complete AIRHEAD. I mean she's 7 and the thought NEVER crossed her mind that the sweet photo of a little girl baby and a chubby boy baby could possibly be her older TWIN sister and brother?

Peytonism 2.
She was playing with some baby stuff and asked if she could look through some of her baby things. She came across some sweet little baby shoes that on one bottom said Peyton and the other bottom has her birth date. She admired them and asked where they came from. I explained that when I was a little girl I had the same bus driver from elementary school through high school. I told Peyton that she was always very SWEET to me and I really liked her. Then I explained that when she found out I had Peyton, she mailed me those sweet baby shoes! Peyton just looked at me wide eyed for a moment and then said, "You had me when you were in HIGH SCHOOL?"

As a side note, if you enlarge the bracelet photo and you see the little doggie hair on the e I's probably from this handsome devil, Cosmo!  That's Ms. Peyton up there getting ready for one of her dress rehearsals for this years recital.  For some reason, Cosmo insisted on hanging out under the tutu, I think he liked how it felt.  Or how he looked in it.  Maybe he's very confident in his masculinity!  Either way he's tutu cute! Yes I had to say it!


Anonymous said...

It's great!!..........................................

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey lady! I love your shoe form! I also have to have 3 of something when I display it. I think I just need an odd number of whatever it is I'm displaying....even numbered things just look funny to me. :)
Your daughter cracks me up! My middle son says some of the goofiest things and we call them Lincolnisms. (kids, what are we gonna do with em'!)
Speaking of kids...Lincoln is at his Sr prom tonight! *sigh* It makes a momma sad, but he did look nice. He went on a friend date with a girl from church who didn't have a date. I have a very sweet son. :) He didn't want her to be embarrassed and have to go alone, so he went with her.
I have my teaser post up for my giveaway..I'm posting the giveaway on Monday. :)

Vintage Remixed said...

Hi Robyn,

Those are actually called shoe trees. Odd--I know. But that's what I heard an antique appraiser call them at an auction. Love the vignette you did with them and the photo with the veil and puppy is fabulous!! Hope you framed it. :-)

Flaviana said...

Hey Robyn
love the Peytonism quotes! so funny! and you Cosmo is adorable..
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Thanks for a good laugh...the peytonism quotes are so funny! I have a couple of the shoe forms & I just love them. Thanks for your visit and the kind note on our Venetian Wedding. Happy belated anniversary to you and your husband.

angela | the painted house said...

Aw, doggy in tu-tu! :)

Thank you for stopping by the painted house and leaving such a SWEET comment! The cottage has been a fun project--fun wrapped up in a big ball of work. :)

I visited your photography site--such wonderful images!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love the Peyton stories, so funny! And your pup is too cute in his tutu!

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Thank you for following Black Kats Design, where there is always something new and fun going on.

I just love your photos. If only I could take such beautiful pictures!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gosh! your Cosmo looks just like my Emme!