Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids these days...

Before I regale you with a story about my progeny I NEED to share this with you.  It must be seen if you have not already!

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Okay, now that you all should have a smile on your face and cheer in your heart I would like to tell you about the faucet snobs that I have raised.  "Faucet snobs?" you say?  Why yes. That is what I said.  

*You might want to raid the fridge and make yourself a cup of tea.  This is gonna be a long one!*

As all good stories should, we'll start at the beginning.  It began early one Monday morning. Early, while the morning is still cloaked in darkness but you feel the promise of the sun about to sweep the dark away.  We are a house of coffee drinkers.  Our Keurig is a dear friend in the morning.  It's a delightful machine for sure, but sometimes I do miss having a big ol' pot of hot coffee waiting for me to claim.  Our Keurig sits on the counter just beside the sink, appropriately far enough away to look...appropriate.  This is where my son, Cole enters the story.  I'm going to give you a bit of background on Cole because I may not have mentioned in recent months or a year or so that Cole seemingly ingested fertilizer and burst forth a giant.  Maybe not exactly, but my sweet little guy is suddenly 6'3" and wears a size 15 shoe.  We are all still getting used to his transformation including Cole. He truly does not yet realize his size and strength.  Sometimes when he closes my Jeep door, I'm afraid it's going to implode into the car.  Just like every other morning, Cole begins to make himself a cup of coffee.  The Keurig has a large water reservoir that needs to be filled.  It happened to be empty so Cole thought he would use the spray attachment from the faucet and reach across and fill it that way.  Sounds like a fine idea.  However, Cole ripped the sprayer hose clean out of the plumbing apparatus thingy under the sink.  Obviously now we can't use the faucet because water will just gush under the sink.  As Murphy's law states, Home Depot doesn't carry the part needed for a quick fix.  We need a new faucet. Bummer.  There was not the kind of faucet on display that I wanted so we ordered one on line.  I REALLY wanted a bridge faucet. I also really wanted to win the lotto. Luckily, HD had a bridge faucet online but it would take 5-7 days to be delivered. As a family of 5, we could not be without the kitchen sink for a week, so Matt picked up the CHEAPEST he could find to get us through until the other was delivered. It was $17.39.  It was quickly installed.

This entire time we of course did NOT discuss the matter of the faucet with the kids because who in the world would think that they gave two hoots?  The next morning, Callie went to use the sink and just kind of stood there for a second and looked at it.  Being the smart*ss Mother that I can be, I asked her if she liked the new faucet.  I gushed about it's lovely plastic, Crystal-like handles and it's lovely clean lined silver painted plastic spout.  It's MODERN and stylish design was the perfect addition to our kitchen.  Callie didn't look too convinced.  She was polite and told me it looked nice.  A few moments later, Cole came down and also noticed the new addition.  He was NOT so diplomatic.  He said that we HAD to be kidding. We could NOT keep that faucet. He even said, "What am I going to tell my friends?"!  He walked away muttering that he could never have friends over again and was going to move out.

I'm not sure at this point if I should be proud that my children have a strong aesthetic sense for all things "home" or should I be appalled that I raised these children to be so snobby as to notice a cheap faucet? Have we brought up a couple of home decor monsters?  The truly ironic thing is that I'm relatively sure that this is the faucet style we had on our kitchen sink growing up!  I'm truly surprised that I survived after having that faucet in my home and subjecting my friends to its disfigurement! As well as it's complete lack of style. 

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Hayley said...

Imagine how wonderful this will be for his future wife ....to have a husband who takes pride in his home,notices these things and has good taste !!!
My other half has had to be trained....When we moved into our house 5 years ago, he suggested that a gigantic plastic strip light like his parents have (you can get a suntan in thier kitchen and it actually makes a 'noise' when it comes on) would be good in our little cottage!!!