Friday, February 17, 2012

Living room board and batten progress

We (that alone is a funny statement because I have barely lifted a finger!) are making slow but steady progress on the living room transformation. Matt's working hard on it but that boring thing called a JOB is getting in the way of it's progress.  The other boring word, BUDGET gets in the way as well!  I thought I'd show you a little sneak of it! Here is the last photo I shared.

This is only one coat of the blue and it's on top of that horrible yellow we had so I don't think this is a accurate interpretation of the color.  Or something like that.
We put a little extra moulding around the inside of the boxes to make it a bit more formal since it is the living room.  It is still going to get a cap piece but Home Depot no longer carries the oak bull nose I love that we used in the family room.

*** Here is a little sidebar that just happened while I was working on this post.***
Lately, we've been teasing my oldest daughter Callie about a Euphemism she mixed up.  When discussing a certain boy in her grade, she said, "he's not the smartest porch light on the block"  instead of brightest porch light on the block.  Tonight I had a total blonde/Polish  (bottle blonde, half Polish) moment and said something really quite stupid. I then mentioned that I'm "sharpest" in the morning because it's about 7:15 in the evening as I type this.  While referencing the "not the sharpest knife in the block", Cole then said (all in good fun, of course!) that I wasn't actually even in the knife block.  I was actually more like a butter knife. (remember here friends that I am on pain meds for chronic pain in addition to the blonde-ness and the Polish-ness).  Then my sweet husband chimed in that if I was a butter knife in the morning then I must be a plastic knife at night.  Yes people, this is what I have to deal with!**

Back to the living room...I think it's so amazing how moulding can transform a room!  It already has so much more character and some of the furniture is sitting in the middle of the room draped with drop cloths.  I can't wait to see the finished project!

Here is the photo of the living room that I fell in love with.  We are using this exact paint color!  It's similar to our family room but Home Depot no longer carries Ralph Lauren paint.  It was called Impressionist blue and I still LOVE it several years later!  We may move these leather couches into the living room and get a new set for the family room.  The rooms will be a bit similar but I hope to put a little bit more of a polished spin (that was polish as in polish not Polish as in Poland) in that room and there won't be a T.V. either, thank goodness!  A nice, quiet room!  ...except when it will be full of 16 year olds!
Contemporary Beach Living Room traditional living room
Inspiration room from  I LOVE this room!

Our family room.  This is the Ralph Lauren Impressionist Blue.  That mirror is actually a salvaged piece.  It's mahogany and it come out of a Gentlemens Cigar Bar in Baltimore that was being demolished.  We have several pieces of trim that we were able to get before the wreaking crew came in!  Some is used in the Nook on the surrounding moulding.


Denise said...

I love your board and batten livingroom transformation and the windows look awesome! Could you please tell me the size of the boards you are using?

robyn from whimages said...

Hey Denise! I tried to get back to your but your link in your name wouldn't work for me. The size of the boards is 1 x 4 hope that helps!

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