Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Fun

 In the past I would post photos here all the time.  Now I can't even meet my own "photo a day" challenge even when I changed it to "photo a week".  Slacker.  That's what I am!  Okay, so not really.  Well, sometimes.  Like when I don't feel like folding clothes so I turn the dryer back on for awhile. They didnt' feel all the way DRY. Yeah, that's what happened!  I'm going to make up for lost photo a week time with a bunch of photos! 

Sorry but you may have to put on your pity party hat here for a moment...As I've mentioned before, I am no longer shooting "professionally" because of the chronic pain I am in from failed back syndrome. I've had 4 spinal surgeries (2 fusions and a fusion revision), 1 cervical (neck) and 3 lumbar.  Because of this I have not done anything for whimages in several years.  I of course still LOVE photography!  I want to share a few photos of my children and the children of friends that I have taken over the past year or so. Some of these are total snapshots but I like them!  I hope you enjoy! (this is also my sneaky way to be able to get photos onto my "photos" board over on pinterest! Peyton is dying for me to put her Halloween costume photos up! )
Callie in an abandoned chicken coop!  There is often FABULOUS light in unexpected places!

My sweet niece and nephew. AGAIN in the chicken coop!

Sneaking a bite of a peach while we were picking them!

Peyton with peaches!

My other "daughter" Bethany...she lives across the street.

I've always loved the color of Callie's eyes!

just a snapshot of my kids..very little cooperation when they are all together!

I love this photo!

A vintage finished photo of Peyton.

Peyton and I put this Halloween costume together with bits and pieces of things we already had and a few feathers from the craft store! Easy and so cute!

My friend's sweet little man

I just ADORE his little toes!

Cosmo's paw

I hope you liked them!


It's me said...

I love them !!....oww that little toes !! and the Cosmo's paw are my

Rene Foust said...

Beautiful as usual!