Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cozy doggies and crazy blankets

So if you get sick of my dog snapshots just tell me. These two are all snorgled up in doggie lover-land! CUTE! Okay, so check out this blanket. My mother in law, who happens to be one of the MOST multi-talented people I know (I'm NOT just saying that on the off chance she MIGHT read this blog). SEVERAL months back she was afflicted with a horrible long lasting case of the shingles. One of the ways she delt with the pain was with Oxycodone. This blanket was apparently one of the side effects. I'm not sure what the color scheme would be called..."sweet-tart", "Cyndi Lauper" or possibly "Easter bunny on Acid". Unfortunately my girls just think it's the most lovely thing EVER! I honestly thought it was something she made during the eighties and just came across it. But nope...They might consider putting this on the warning lable of the Oxycodone.
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