Friday, February 22, 2008

My family portrait

Here we are in all our little wooden glory~! Are we adorable or what? Well, these wooden likeness' are at least! They are from this FAB little shop on called Gemmielou. Let's talk about us here a second...Look at Matt, he even has his rockin' drumsticks in his hand! And Me, I even had the delightful blonde highlights that my multi talented sister never charges me for! Cole has his AMERICAN EAGLE shirt and just a few freckles! Callie is of course adorned in her REQUISITE GREEN SHIRT,
cami underneath, hoop earrings and her little necklace with the C on it and don't forget her fresh sprinklin' of freckles too. Lastly look at princess Peyton with her
"forever tan" (lucky little stinker) and the bling in her hair! MAN, I love us! THANKS Gemmie! Don't forget these too dern cute hair clips...birdies, you KNOW I LOVE the birdies! One is for each of my girls and the little blue one is for SCHWEEET neice Gracie SASSY-PANTS. So ladies, if you haven't discovered Etsy yet you either will throw roses at my feet for showing you such a wonderful joyous handmade shopping experience or I'll be getting hate mail from your husband with xerox copies of your maxed out credit cards from the post-man!
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