Sunday, February 3, 2008


I like to bake. I REALLY like to bake. But this carrot cake doesn't get made very often. It's my coolfunhandsomefantastichandycake-lovin' brother Darrin's FAVORITE! Just know that if I EVER bake you this cake, I must really love you! It's in one of the Southern Living cookbooks. I think it's called Ultimate Carrot cake and it's chockfull of carrots, raisins (or pecans), pineapple, shredded coconut, buttermilk and sweet and yummy goodness. The frosting is completly fat and caloriless ofcourse because it's packed full of butter and cream cheese. I think one of the BEST parts of this recipe is this to DIE for and go to dessert heaven, buttermilk glaze you put on while the cake is still warm and before you frost it. YUMMMMM! Anyway, needless to say, this was Darrin's request for the anniversary of his 35th birthday. Yeah, see we have this wonderful thing of celebrating the anniversay of of 35th birthday that way we never hit 40....isn't that awesome? Bet you wish you'd thought of that, huh? :-)
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Vee said...

yummy, looks awesome :)

Cricket said...

wow, that cake looks fabulous!!

So glad I found you Robyn, been missing ya!!

Great pics from the wedding too!!