Monday, April 27, 2009

It's not a good party until...

Somebody gets a wig made out of COTTON CANDY!!!

Peytonism at end of post alert!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Callie and Cole's 13th Birthday with a SURPRISE birthday party at a local dairy farm that makes it's own ice cream. I had called a bunch of their friends (by getting their numbers off of the kids cell phones) and we had friends and family too. Ruth and Ron (Matt's parents) brought Callie and Cole to the party so we were able to surprise them (well Callie at least...Cole had an inkling even though I had lied my behind off when he confronted me). My sister Brandy took care of a TON of the party before hand: getting the cotton candy machine, ordering the cupcakes, getting really cool balloons that were like 3 feet tall that were a 1 and a 3 although they kept reading 31. Luckily the farm has live music on Sundays so it truly felt like a PARTY! The place gets INSANE busy on the weekend with the line snaking out of the door all the way to the parking lot and we found out that it was a mistake that they let us book a party on a weekend. OOPPSS. It was so fun because the kids could just run in the fields of tall grass, play frisbee and just goof off without being a problem.

I had a candy buffet for Cole, that kid's teeth are surely gonna fall out by the time he's twenty! I think they had a really great time :-)

A LOT of the adults couldn't wait to use the cotton candy machine...I didn't know I had so many friends who were "CARNIES" at heart! The other funny thing is we had two boys (who shall remain nameless but their names MAY start with a N) who decided it was easier to use the VERY tall grass to relieve themselves of some fluids! LOL Ummm....boys will be boys?

It's Peytonism time! After the recital on Saturday, I was crypticly speaking to someone on the phone while Peyton was in the car. I THOUGHT I did an okay job of not really mentioning anything that would tip her off. When I got off of the phone, she started badgering me with questions about my phone conversation. I tried to throw her off but she just wasn't buying it. Finally, Matt starts to tell her. He explains that I'll just be out of the hospital when Callie and Cole have their real birthday, so we called a bunch of their friends from school, yadda yadda yadda and so on and so forth. She get's SO excited and animatedly asks us questions about the party, who's coming, where is it, etc. She exclaims that they are "JUST GOING TO LOVE IT!" Here's the ringer....then she's says

wait for it

wait for it

"Are Callie and Cole going to be there?"

Blonde people. I swear, she shoulda been blonde!

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