Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet Smitty and a story about Cosmo and a duct tape couch.

Here's little pudgy Smitty. He's just so squishable and almost kissable but not quite! My sister Brandy and I and our Dad took the kids to Ye Old Swimming Hole...LOL It's a place called Jerusalem Mill (remember I went their with Steph awhile back). They had so much fun as usual and I just got to chill out and enjoy the kids. Grace named him Smitty immediately. Pretty funny name.
Tuesday (the J-Mill day) was the one year anniversary of my first surgery. Wow, what a year! I've had better years but I've had worse years too. It's all good! Although I really have to think hard about which years were the more difficult years, lol~!

I wanted to share a site with you if you don't already know about it that just makes me laugh...

So sweet Mr. Cosmo has been so good lately. So like total idiots, we thought he'd be fine with not crating him when we weren't home. Levi of course was a no go. Not an option. Probably never will be an option. Cosmo proved to us that he was WORTHY of not being crated when we left. For almost two weeks he had free reign with Macy and acted like a complete angel. Granted during the week I'm home almost ALL the time, you know I HAVE to hold down the couch. Anyway. He never once showed any little inkling of getting into anything. Obviously he was just waiting till our comfort zone got big and cozy. Then. It. Happened. The kids and I went swimming over Tina's Tiki Bar Pool and Resort. (It's actually my friend Tina's pool but doesn't that sound oh so much more glamorous?) Her pool is heated and is salt water so it's SO good for my back to just hang from a noodle. We were gone about 3 hours and we left kongs filled with cheese and dog biscuits for our fur babies to keep them happy and occupied.
Cosmo found another FUN way to occupy his time. He pulled off all three cushions of our leather couch and tore into the fabric on the bottom side of them( THANK GOD). He then meticulously ripped chunk upon chunk and bit upon bit of foam from them and coated the new family room carpet with a fun and cushy layer of foam. He had his very own foam pit! FUN! The kids and I had to squeeze as much foam back into the cushions and then form bases of the cushions with duct tape. It looks fabulous. I may go into the upholstery business because I obviously have talent in making a couch cushion from duct tape. Guess where Cosmo goes now when we are not home?

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