Sunday, August 16, 2009

pony party

Peyton went to a VERY cool B-day yesterday for her friend Jordyn. It was a pony party at an equestrian center. She had so much fun! Here are a couple pics I snapped.

I've been dieting a bit, just basically trying to eat more healthy, tons of pro-biotics and anti-oxidants. I feel like with my spinal degeneration stuff happening, I should at least get the rest of me healthy! Plus loosing a few lbs can only help my back of course! Anyway, today on FB I came across this website that I figure I'll try to look at everytime I want to eat. Believe me, I think it will be an automatic appetite control! Check it out...if you dare!

Matt's grouting the kids bathroom right now. I'll post pics of that later. We are going to go very classic black and white and then pop it with a color (Callie is thinking CHARTRUESE - [okay I know I didn't spell that right], which is cool with me!) Then I'm going to put 3 black and white photos of the dogs on the walls and use a cool etsy store I found that does VERY matte wall decals so they really look like paint. I think I'm going to do the quote that's something like, "Lord, help me be the person my dog thinks I am". Just a bit of morning inspiration for the kids everyday! LOL

We also took the plunge and bought the paint for the kitchen cabinets yesterday. It's a soft black by Behr called, Beluga. Which kinda makes me laugh because Beluga's are not black, unless they are talking about the Beluga caviar which has never and will never pass this chick's lips!
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