Monday, August 31, 2009

Progress and a Peytonism

Matt used his handy saws-all and got rid of the middle strip in this large cabinet where we keep our plates and glasses and other often used stuff. These two cabinets are just going to be open shelving. Again this blue (Okeechobee Haze) is the primer and then we'll be painting them black and distressing them so the blue peek a boo's here and there :-) !

Here's my hard working man putting these cool corbels up to support the shelves because they no longer have the middle support plus don't they look so much cooler? The corbels and the shelves are also going to get primed too. But I thought you might want an update. All of our plates and glasses are all over the counters right now so don't mind the mess.

Here's the island the he did over the weekend. We originally had doors on both sides (which could have been convienent) but since we have stools there we never really used the second set. I'm LOVING how my honey has transformed the island! It's going to look chunkier and just so much more fun!
Now I'm debating if we should do it black like the rest of the cabinets or white (and distressed with the blue showing here and there). Regardless it's going to have a different top then the other counters. Our reclaimed boards are currently being kiln dried and the owner of the company is going to drop them off next Monday on his way to Manhattan to work on a restaurant. Matt's going to make them into the island top. They're old hard white pine. I CAN'T wait to see the boards!


Last week, Peyton and I had a couple errands to run and we needed to get some supplies for the kids bath now that the floor is done. I needed a new shower curtain and all those kind of accotrements! So we popped by Pier One, where Peyton promptly fell in love with a double pappasan chair. She kept saying she could sleep in it, it was so comfortable, she loved it, it was so pretty...yada yadda yadda. I assured her that she would NOT be getting it as a bed. Finally she picked out a $1.99 loofa soap holder thingy that will match her new bath. As we get up to the register she says to me, "Actually, can I just get that bed instead!?" Like that was an even swap! Goofy girl!

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Cricket said...

cool cabinets!!! I bet it's gonna look FAB when it's all done..can't wait to see!!!