Friday, August 14, 2009

Project Updates ;-)

Hey I changed my blog layout! I hope you like it! It's from Smitten Designs, I LOVE it! I still need to work on getting the title photo moved a tad to the right but I don't know if I'll ever get it right! LOL

These photos were taken in my backyard. I LOVE that orange butterfly. We always get the yellow swallow tails and then the pretty black ones with the bright blue spots and tons of smaller brown ones with white spots. But I've never seen one like this guy there. We have a huge butterfly bush that just attracks them in droves, of course. The other day, my father was sitting on our patio and he asked Matt if he noticed all of the butterflies on the bush. And my husband told him that it's always covered in them. My father then said, "They should call that a BUTTERFLY BUSH". Matt then said that "they do". LOL My father didn't say anything about that! ;-)

Matt and my Dad started re-tiling the kids bathroom...I'll post a photo of that. It's small octagonal white tiles with black diamonds. My Dad said it used to be called "barber shop tile". I'm totally lovin' it!

We had our primer printed for the kitchen cabinets. It's called Okeechobee blue, it's like a Robin Egg blue. We are going to paint them black and distress them here and there so the blue peeks through. I CAN'T wait! So excited! I'll be posting before, during and after photos when we (Matt) start.

Yesterday I stopped by my favorite antique store. It's a tiny tiny little shop (It's called the "Ye Ol' Curiosity Shoppe"). The owner is a sweet Vietnam Veteran that you either like or you don't. He's more than a bit eccentric and I think he might be a hoarder. Well, I'm sure he's a hoarder. You can't really walk into the store. You just kinda walk in and look as far as your eyes can see because you can't walk more than 4 feet from the front door. But you just ask him for certain things and he has a huge mental inventory. Yesterday I scored a YELLOW wooden Coca Cola crate that Cole has been looking for forever. (Yes, my kids like to go antiqueing's a bit weird probably but I always like to go with my parents too!) So I made Cole's day!

You HAVE to check out this link...I never get political but it's too cute not to share! It stars a dog!

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