Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello everyone! This is Julie, Robyn's neighbor and friend. I am so excited to be helping her out with her blog posting while she is recovering from her surgery. I talked to Matt (her hubby) this morning at the bus stop and he said she is on her way to recovery...the doctor had only really positive thoughts about the surgery and its success. She does however have some bed rest and down time ahead of her for a proper recovery! I am beyond happy about the news and am wishing her back to normal asap (along with many of her other friends and family).
O.K., so I do not blog regularly but I do read other blogs (including Robyn's) and visit many websites for inspiration, ideas and yes, recipes too! I am going to mention a few of my favorites and hopefully you can find some time this weekend to check them out. 
So if you have not visited The Pioneer Woman you need to. I know this is one of Robyn's faves too because she told me about it years ago. Ree is an amazing woman who lives on a huge ranch with 4 children and her husband (along with many pets too) with lots of stories to tell, beautiful photography and yummy recipes...she also has a cookbook out called The Pioneer Woman Cooks...a nice Mother's Day gift if you need to give a little hint to anyone?
Now, my sister lives across the country from me in Portland, Oregon. She just happens to have a fabulous shop called NOUN (a persons place for things). I so wish we lived closer or she lived here or that she would trust me to open an East Coast Noun but I am just dreaming. I want one of everything in there. I am not just saying it because she is my sister either...she just has a great eye. Now, it just happens that the wonderful Mrs. French from the blog Bliss knows my sister and wrote an awesome blog about her stores redo with tons of read here and get inspired!
So, in ending, I have one more sight to share with you Saint Cupcake. I have a major sweet tooth (I am pretty sure Robyn does too). Anyhow, this great little bakery has the BEST cupcakes. Get this, you can order them and have them delivered to you or anyone else (hint: Mother's Day). My favorite is the toasted coconut and the pumpkin with cream cheese. Check it will not be disappointed.
To all you moms out there...Have a great weekend! P.S. Robyn is suppose to come home Sunday...keep your fingers crossed!


It's me said...

Nice to hear from you !!

Nice post......i enjoy !! and hope that Robin is going home sunday !!

Give her my greetings and hugs.......from Ria

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That would be great if Robin could be home to rest in time for Mothers Day.