Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'll be back but for now, here's some goodies!

As you may know, I'm having a spinal fusion revision tomorrow (well it will be tomorrow in about 20 minutes). I've written about it extensively, probably too much so for many! ;-) I won't bore you with the silly details yet again. I figured while you were gone, I couldn't have you sitting here looking around the blog twiddling your thumbs, so I've got some FRIENDS who are planning on entertaining you in my absence. PLUS, if you are wondering, I'm sure now and then some one will post about me. I'll be in the hospital several days and won't be back on here for a bit. However, I've got some goodies up my sleeve! You are going to recognize a couple of the guest bloggers plus meet some of my "real" life friends. I'll apologize now and say that I CAN NOT be responsible for any or all shenanigans my real life friends and sister may pull. I have NOTHING to do with it. Handing over the key to the blog to a couple of these girls is making me more nervous then a lone hen in a coop full of roosters!

The only hint you are going to get about the guest bloggers is tomorrow begins with a super sweet and fun lady who's blog begins with the word remodel and ends with holic.

I also thought it would be fun to share some quick and fun links with you that I've enjoyed just in case you haven't seen them! ;-)


Dreamy Whites
Eddie RossPosted by Picasa
The Lettered Cottage If you don't know about this one...RUN here NOW
Zaira's Little Emma English Home
Restyled Home
AWKWARD family photos...can't help myself, have to show you this
Southern Hospitality
Heather Bullard
White Flower Farm House   check out the blog too!
Funky Junk
A Beach Cottage
Miss Mustard Seed
Urban Farm Girl
Vintage Simple
Between Naps On The Porch
Willow Decor   I have a huge crush on her kitchen and butlers pantry
Lola B's I HEART this blog
The Nester
Tatertots and Jello

There's more but I don't want to embarrass myself plus, I'm ALSO doing this so when I'm hanging out on my little hospital vacay, I can't still find some of my favorite sites on my husbands ITouch! SNeaky, sneaky!


It's me said...

Take care mu dear Robyn !!.........I hope everything goes well...........good luck !!

Blessing and hugs from Ria

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Best of luck with your surgery. Praying that all goes well. Love & blessings from NC!