Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm ALIVE! I'm now officially ROBOTIC ROBYN! AKA: Spinal Fusion Revision Surgery

Hey, did you miss me? Huh? Maybe a little? Come ON don't crush an ill woman's ego, okay? How about I tell you ALL ABOUT the exciting stuff going on in our home THEN I'll tell you about the surgery junk. That way you don't have to slop through guts, blood and gore to get to some decorating fun stuff. (I promise, it won't be least I don't think).

I have to share this photo of Cosmo's sweet white paws (they are a bit dirty right now and grass stained but that's okay). I was spending some time laying on the floor instead of the bed or the couch or sitting in a chair. You know, just a change of scenery. I had someone hand me my camera so I could get some shots in because even with all this titanium in my back, my shutter finger is working nicely, thankyouverymuch. Both Macy and Cosmo were so sweet keeping their Momma company there on the floor.

Years back, Matt and I noticed this fun piece of "furniture" in his grandparents garage. We ooohhhhhed and aaahhhed over it while his grandparents looked at us as if we had two heads. It was just a hand made tool box made from scraps of wood and crates, how could we think it was so cool? Fast forward to before my surgery, Matt's Nana wanted to clean out some of the junk from the basement/garage. Of course THIS piece called our name! It needs some sanding maybe a little refinishing only on the top, a board for it to sit on and then maybe some bun feet. Are you seeing it? Are you loving it? Unfortunately the RED KNOB is having to go bye bye but the rest will stay and I plan to mix them up and have all the other drawers EACH have a DIFFERENT knob. You know, for funks sake. This baby needs a tad funkification! Can't wait to show you when it's done, of course remember I'm not moving anywhere near top speed so you'll (me TOO) have to be patient!  Hey, and does it remind you a bit of this piece?
delicious, yet expensive PB goodness

Okay, about the built in I've mentioned a few times. Well, she's on her way to GLORY! Matt's been working his cutie buttotie off on it and it's coming along soooooo nicely. That left side is a little desk and the right side is going to be a bench (that lifts for storage) that will be covered with a fun washable slipcover. On the right wall there will be INDENTED shelving. WE plan to have it all painted white with lovely trim and crown moulding and under cabinet lights. AND a FUNKY pendant light hanging on the reading nook side. SQUEEEEEL! I'm so excited about this project, and sooo happy my man is handy and handsome! I'd show you more pictures to give you more dimension but I want it to be a surprise!

Here's the surgery part so feel free to turn around now.  I'm going to come back later and tell you all about it 'cause now I'm too tired and I need to lay down....I'll be back!

Okay, I'm back....
Ready for the guts and gore?  Just kidding!  This time I happen to have had my surgery at a Catholic hospital.  I'm Catholic so that kinda went together well.  Before my surgery a Priest walks in (this almost sounds like the beginning of a bad joke) to give me communion and do the sacrament of anointing the sick.  He had a pretty strong Slavic accent, so my father asked him where his accent was from.  He said Poland! Well, I'm half Polish (the good, pretty half my Dad says) and my father is 100%  My Dad started speaking to the Father in Polish and they had a seemingly sweet little conversation.  Up until this point I only thought my Dad could speak Polish words that Polish sailors typically use not ones you speak to a Priest.  He proves me wrong.  Again.  It was very pleasant to have had that time with the Father and it definitely sent me off to surgery with a lighter heart.  Before I was whisked away, I got hugs and kisses all around from my father, my father in law and Matt.  Double from Matt for good luck.  Then it was off to the OR.  Then I suddenly woke up in recovery, which is always incredibly pleasant.  Your eyes feel like they are made of lead and when you muster the strength to open them they decide not to focus.  The nurses mentioned that I had to have a transfusion in surgery.   As I'm the only one in recovery, the nursers are chit chatting about decorating.  Finally I yelled over to them and asked if they could wheel me closer so I could get in on the conversation!  LOL  I told them about  and they all wrote it down.   A bit later the anesthesia started wearing off and I did NOT feel like chatting then!  They moved me to my room, continually monitoring my BP because it wanted to stay LOW.  Then Matt and my Dad and his Dad showed up for a mini visit.  Of course they gave me the morphine self pump which sounds awesome in theory when in reality it actually sucks.  Think about it, you can administer your own morphine every 6 minutes, after several doses of that you drift off to dream land where you are NOT self medicating.  So when you wake up you've got a grizzly bear of pain laying on your body and you can't shake the sucker off until you pump that little pumping thing about 20 times, then you doze off and repeat.  Fun.  Unfortunately, the next day my blood pressure continued to go down eventually the last time they took it it was 53/40.  Which I'm assuming isn't great because she immediately called my surgeon and over the next 7 hours gave me 2 MEGA transfusions.  I hope the blood came from a nice person. I'm just sayin'.  Anyway, several nights in the hospital later, I'm home and trying to rest.  So don't expect much blogging from me ;-)  Although I have asked a few more girls to help out but everyone is so busy so we'll have to see.

Prognosis:  After the surgery the Dr. came out and told my family that he definitely finished some "unfinished business".  He felt VERY confident that I will do much better now.  The next day when he spoke with me, he actually seemed a bit sad and disappointed in my past surgeon.  Saying that he could still visualize in his head my spine and believed that there was no way that my past surgeon closed me up knowing that I was NOT DECOMPRESSED.  All I know is that I may now have an 11 inch scar but I have feeling coming back in my left leg that I have not had for almost the past 2 years.  Thank you Lord.

I want to thank you from the VERY bottom of my heart for you prayers, well wishes, happy thoughts, healing vibes, cards, baked goodies, and complete dinners.  We appreciate every SINGLE thing.  I really believe that your positive energy has lifted me up and sped my healing!">linking to Southern Hospitality


My Cottage Charm said...

Yes yes yes yes yes, I missed you! I'm so glad to see a post from you...I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me! :0) I'm so glad you're doing better!
I LOVE that cabinet from your in-laws,those little drawers are to die for~! Your little nook is coming along nicely, can't wait to see it finished, but take it easy and don't hurt yourself!
Have a great week and please send me your address, I want to send you a card. :-)
Love ya much!

It's me said...

Ooooooo i am so glad i read something about you !!!!

And i am glad you doing better now !!!!

Thanks the Lord !!!!

Nice cabinet.........!! happy lazy day dear Robyn

Love and hugs and blessings from me Ria

Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

So glad that your surgery went well and you're recovering. I'm sure it'll be a little while... But your spirits seem good! :)

I so puffy-heart the cabinets with all the drawers! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

Blessings and speedy healing!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey, I came back to check in on part II of your blog post. :) Your surgery sounds terribly painful, but wonderfully successful! Yay!! I'm so glad you're getting the feeling back in your leg, I cannot even begin to imagine having a numb leg for 2 years...BLESS YOUR HEART!
SO funny you had a polish priest and your dad could speak to him in his own language..that is SO cool!
EVEN funnier that you were talking decorating in the recovery room.....we decor girls can't let it go for a minute can we?!~ LOL
Can't wait for you to be fully recovered and bouncing around again!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog off Faded Charm because there was a picture of your dog's paws (I know that sounds strange) but my heart skipped thinking "those are boxer paws" I right? We also have a Boxer and they are the best doggies.
Love the sweet amazing piece!

Good luck on your upcoming surgery.


Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Love that cabinet and get well soon!! :)

ZAIRA said...

Hi robyn!! I'm trying for days to send you mail but I wasn't successful. I think I have problems with pc...Regarding your request I'm still working on it, I will be ready for this evening or tomorrow. If that's ok I will post directly. In the meanwhile, I'll try to send you my mail.... Take care, your friend xxx

C and K said...

Glad to hear you're back!

I haven't commented before, but I wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photography! It's very inspiring for a semi-professional who's just starting out!

Hope all goes well with your healing :)


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

So glad your surgery went well. I have a herniated disc & they wanted to do surgery, but I'm doing everything to avoid it. So far, so good!

Thanks so much for visiting today! I so appreciate your kind comments.

Tina said...

Sweet Robyn, it is so wonderful to see this post and to know that you are ok. You have been in my thoughts over the last couple of weeks and it is great to hear how successful your surgery has been. I love that you have just had major surgery but you can still post about DIY, you go girl!!! I love your tool cabinet, it is gorgeous and lucky you to have such a handy hubby! I wish you the loveliest week and more days full of fast recovery. Big hugs my friend~ Tina xx

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I want to read your post, but on my computer the bright green is impossible to decipher? Is it just me?

Dana said...

Thank you so much Robyn,
I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear about the priest that came to visit. It's funny how finding a blogger of a similar faith to yours makes them feel less like a stranger. Your tool chest is amazing, and yes isn't it great to have a handy hubby. If you don't mind I may have to steal your cutie buttootie line. Loved it. Take care of yourself and rest. We look forward to your good health and return to blogging.

Lisa said...

So glad to hear that you are on the way to recovery. I love your little dresser can't wait to see what you do to it.
Take care and rest.

Pam said...

Robyn, I'm happy to count myself as a follower of your lovely blog as of today. You have a great way of writing and fitting in a story. It sounds like the surgeon you have now is what you needed....and you have a lovely family there for you. And with that trump card of a cool tool chest, well, things are looking good! I'll be back to visit again. :) Pam

Sandra said...

Holy Moly, I didn't read all this yesterday when I visited. I will take care and listen to my back. Thanks for the warning. I've been doing Physical Therapy since November and been doing pretty good but once in a while I push myself too hard and it flairs up! I'll be even more careful. Hope you're doing well now.