Monday, May 31, 2010

I AM: a tease, a daddy's girl and a pushover.

I THINK this is going to be the final "TEASER" photo of the nook before the reveal. I'm so excited about it that I have a hard time not showing you! (BTW, I'm really not showing you very good photos with the proper perspective and all that on purpose (you know so it's fun when you see the final project and you go Ohhhh, it's deeper than I thought, and look at the detail!). I do know how to use my camera a bit. On occasion. Okay, so let me give you some visuals 'cause otherwise you are probably like, "what's the freak excited about? a mess in her family room?" Just go along for the ride for a moment my friends...

This is an itsy bitsy "teeny weeny nook" off of our family room. Years ago we had a vision of taking a tad of space from the garage and making ourselves a built in entertainment center. You know like  a million years ago when TVs were like 4 feet deep and not the depth of a sheet of loose leaf? Then we had book shelves on either side. It was perfect. For like a million years. Then the paper thin TV is introduced making this space completely obsolete. YAY for me! This HOLE in our family room set here since Christmas because we couldn't decide (well, we couldn't agree) on what to do with it. Finally, handy Husband handed me a drawing (It was like the sixth one but shhhh) and we both went "AHA!" The NOOK was born!

Let me give you an itty bitty tour. And to our left we have a corner desk that shall house our computer keyboard and monitor. Below, the CPU shall be hidden from prying eyes as well as the snakes of cords that come with a computer, a wireless modem and all that other stuff I'm not really sure is but goes with it. A sweet old chair will be nestled in that corner. To the above left, notice shelving with bead board backing and some sweet little cubbies that handy handsome hubby insisted on having. Everyone glance now to the right (come on PEOPLE, it's not that hard, it's like
2 inches away). An additional bookshelf that still will get a shelf. This one is higher because there is a STORAGE BENCH THERE BELOW that people will sit on and read or text or something. It will be EVENTUALLY covered with a washable custom slip covered cushion and have fun toss pillows. These cabinets will have under cabinet lighting too. ALSO to the right, that fabulous MERCURY GLASS PENDANT I showed you the other day, will be hanging. We are going for the asymmetrical yet balanced look. I hope it's working. Further to the right do you see that peek of green? THAT my friends will be A NOOK WITHIN A NOOK! It's going to be a BUILT IN shelved area within the built in. Clever. Yes, you can say it. Crazy, yes you can say that too. We are hoping this all comes together (in my mind it is, but I'm on pain medication so what do I know?). The wall area will have a fun collage of mix matched items that we like, have meaning or are for decorative purposes only. I ordered one super awesome coooool thing from my professional photo lab that I am ULTRA excited about, to put in the space as well...on the wall.

So now everyone forget you saw this little teaser and then act all surprised and stuff when you get the final reveal, okay?! Thanks. I heart you.

Hmmmm,what was next...oh yeah, Daddy's girl. Now remember, I MIGHT still be playing the "I just had surgery trump card.  Okay, I've shared stories about my father on here many times (remember the Joe Pesci reference?). If there is one thing my Dad loves in addition to his family, it's FLORIDA and the SOUTH. I can't tell you HOW MANY times over the years he's called (we talk everyday, sometimes 3 times) and  he just happened to be in New Orleans or Key West or St. Augustine with a couple pairs of shorts and shirts thrown in the back of his car and no notice to the family! The man has WANDERLUST and the compass only points south! However, this time we were given a weeks notice. Before he left, he popped by on his way out. He asked me if while he was in FL, if I wanted him to look for anything. Within moments, I whipped out a list of vintage goodies for him to look for. I had to explain a few things to him ('cause he said at one point, and excuse my French, "WHAT THE HELL IS A FLOWER FROG?") Then he asked what to get my delightful sister and I told him any of those same things...we have similar taste! ;-) He might or he might not come back with something exciting.  I just don't want a t-shirt. Been there. Done that.

Here's the pushover part. When I came down to the family room this morning, a familiar scene met my eyes. The names of these boys shall remain anonymous to protect any popularity they may have in school. There is a very similar scene in Callie's room but with girls and a whole lotta estrogen. "CAN we have a sleepover?"  "of course!" I'm a pushover!


It's me said...

Hello are you?? happy sunny week my dear..............hugs from me Ria

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Can't wait to see your finished project. It is looking good. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can already imagine the finished project and you sitting there smiling=0) LOVE IT.

Have a great day,

Lynda said...

LOL!!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!! I'm sorry but I loved you story!!! You should write a book!!!! I have NO idea what a NOOK is but hey, I will see it VERY soon!!!!*hint*;).

Hope you are feeling better by now.....


My Cottage Charm said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nook within a nook...purely brilliant! :-) I also love that your dad had to ask what a flower frog was! LOL I think he's the pushover for asking what his little girl might want from FL. :) You are such a daddy's girl! :-D (ummm, so am I) I can't wait to see your big reveal. I'm working on some stuff's gonna be so cool when its done! Can't wait to show you!
Love ya girlie and I hope you're feeling spunky!

Mara said...

Hi Robyn! I can't wait to see it finished!!!! Hope you are feeling better!


June said...

Hi Robyn, I am so glad that you left your comment at my place, because I have enjoyed reading here for about the past thirty minutes. Bad, bad June, because I am supposed to be out killing dandalions. I love how you write. First of all, I wish you well on your healing process and second, I will look forward to the finished nook, and third...your children are beautiful.

McCarthy Designs said...

How exciting Robyn! When will be finally see the nook! I can't wait it sounds great and very well thought out! xx

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

You crack me up girl!!! I can't wait to see it all finished it's going to look awesome! I do wish I was what you invisioned (did I spell that right?) But no I'm 5 3 and 1/2 on a good day! Hee hee

Red Door Home said...

Wow! What in incredible project. Love it.

sanjeet said...

Can't wait to see your finished project
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Incubator said...

Hi Robyn, I’m not sure if you still monitor this, but if so, would you be willing to share the dimensions/plan for the desk? Thank you!