Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WELCOME Cassity from Remodelaholics, she's GUEST BLOGGING!

Cassity is such a sweet lady and if you haven't become addicted to her blog yet then what are you waiting for?  It's FABULOUS and she's awesome and FULL of ideas!  Thanks Cassity for guest blogging!
I am happy to be visiting here at Whimages.  Robyn was kind enough to let me show off her awesome kitchen a little while ago, so I am here to show off a little project I have recently finished.

By way of introduction,

My name is Cassity,

and I am a Remodelaholic...

(this picture is like H.O.T..... I couldn't stop myself!)

...well at least I have a blog called Remodelaholic.  

I am a wife, a mother and an Interior Designer by degree.  

My husband Justin is a Landscape Architect and a "honey do" list genius!

My daughter is the light of our lives.  She is often the reason and perfect excuse for

leaving my projects sitting around unfinished for as long as I want!

Halloween 2009 The Three Amigos

I love working on projects and the satisfaction it brings to see a job well done.  We do a lot of re-purpose, reuse, recycle projects and we try to make them as accessible as possible so that you too can make them.
We are remodeling our third house.  The thing is, we don't like to spend a lot of money to get the look we want... Can I get an Amen?   So, we are always trying new creative solutions.  Then, we share them with you, with complete tutorials to make it as easy to recreate as possible.

On my blog you will find:

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Today I am going to show you how to make faux roman shades.  I made these out of 1 twin sheet I bought on clearance for $2.00, old ribbon I have had for a while, left over Velcro and scrap wood from another project.  It only took a few hours.

Anyway, this project has been done before in the blog-o-sphere.  But I think that pretty much anyone who has made their own drapes has done this before including myself in this project back in 2005, before I even knew what a blog was... so there, I am not just a copy cat! Although I do love my cats, and my chickens.. and well you get the picture, moving on.
Here is a before:

The whole house has these 2" faux blinds, and they are brand new and perfectly functional so,

I decided to keep them, but I didn't necessarily want to look at them all the time.

( apparently that means I would rather stare at the blank brick wall that is my neighbor's house...)


Here are the instructions if you would like to try it out. 

Collect your supplies:
Ribbon (if desired)
Heat bond adhesive strip
Velcro, adhesive backing
1 x 2 (x window width+) pine board
Measuring tape or ruler
(drill and screws or small "L" brackets)
This project can be sewn or not, it is up to you.
Measure your window, decide the width you would like and cut your 1 x 2 to the proper length.cut the fabric to width of finished blind plus at least 2 inches and the finished length plus at least 8 1/2+ inches.  (technically since theses blinds do not operate,
you don't have to have the full length and it would be fine)
Finish all four edges, by folding the top and two sides over 1/2 inch, 
then 1/2 inch again and either sew or heat bond the seam in place. 
On the bottom fold it over 1/2 inch and then 3 inches and sew or bond in place.
Now move on to the tutorial images.


Any questions? ... Bueller? ... Bueller?

What do you think?

Thanks Robyn for letting me guest post!


Anonymous said...

仇恨是一把雙刃劍,傷了別人,也傷了自己 ..................................................

My Cottage Charm said...

Very cute roman shades! :) You featured my kitchen right about the same time you featured Robyn's...we were both very excited! :)
Have a blessed day!