Sunday, October 17, 2010

Displaying photos

First off, pretend these photos are straight and dusted. Okay, thanks.  Now, this is one of the photo walls in my family room. The other is in the reading nook.  FUNKY JUNK Interiors is having FRAMES as her Saturday night special, I'm a bit late to the party. I hope that's okay!  I wanted to show you mine and then a couple others.  EVERYONE has some great ideas at the party, so check it out!  Most of the photos on the chest don't count because they are on canvases without frames but I love them still! ;-)  One of my favorite frames are the "floating" frames where the photo floats between two pieces of glass and the wall color makes the matt around the photo...mine are from Target. I heart Target....sigh.

This middle shot is from Southern Living and is a GREAT example of how to do a picture wall and see if you'll like what you have before you commit by putting nails in the wall!  The last one is so stark and graphic and I LOVE it a lot.

That black chest has been with us since before we married.  Everyday on the way to work when I was younger, I'd pass this little antique shop.  One morning the elderly owner was dragging this chest outside to put it on display in front.  I slammed on the breaks (well there was a RED light too) and then quickly turned into the 2 car parking lot.  He was asking $100.00 which I did NOT have so I begged him to hold it till the end of the day.  I went to work and begged my DAD to spot me the money!  I loved it that much!  It's been with us ever since that very night.  We have been married 17 1/2  years and I got it the year before we were engaged.  It's been all over our house and even used as the changing table (with a pad on it ) for all three children.  I still love it!

By the way, you may notice that pretty little Scentsy warmer on the chest. Right now it smells deliciously like
warm, freshly baked cranberry muffins. Mmmm.  Don't forget I have a SCENTSY special for October.  If you spend $50.00 I will give YOU a FREE wall plug in and a scent bar!  That's a $20.00 value, so you can buy a couple presents for the holidays and GET SOMETHING FUN FOR YOURSELF!
LOOK for another SCENTSY give away, this time on FRIDAY AT My Sweet Savannah!  Melaine was so SWEET as usual and is going to do a give away for Whimages on her FABULOUS BLOG!  Don't forget to check it out on FRIDAY!


It's me said...

O Robyn...what a lovely post....all that pictures frame on the wall...perfect !!! looks lovely......have a nice day Ria...

Creative Ambitions said...

Robyn... love your photo arrangement! I like the canvas photos just as they are! Love your reading nook, too! :)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Striking photos! The first one with the blacks against the aqua really wowed me. Gorgeous!


malia said...

Hi, Your wall looks fantastic. Found you via Funky Junk... I'm your newest follower... love for you to visit me too (-:

All That Jazz said...

I loooooove that wall of photos! I need to do something like that above my couch. I am starting to collect some frames, then I need to chose and print some pictures. It just takes time.
I really want a Scentsy! I've heard so many wonderful things about them!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey sweet thang, I love your photo gallery....wish you lived closer I would SO get you take pics of my boys! :-) I love the floating frames too...just something about that wall color peeking through that makes my heart smile. :)
Hope you have a great day and I'm glad you enjoyed the pics of our little trip...we had fun. :)
Love ya loads!
PS, I like that black chest too, I can see why you just had to have it!

Dayle said...

Lovely, lovely.

That black chest is something I would go for. :)

Anonymous said...



Tina said...

Gorgeous post as always dear Robyn! I love your photo wall and had never heard of floating frames before...I will certainly be on the look out for some now:) I loved the story of your chest, what a speical piece indeed!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend as always my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

OH I love the black chest too! So glad you slammed those brakes. I love the photo display. I think I need to just walk through your house to really take it all in;0) I especially need to stop and have coffee outside, but now until about 7am, lol!!!

Have a fabulous weekend,