Wednesday, October 27, 2010

door knobs and a winner!

I have a little secret. SHhhhhh.  I'm going to share it with you but don't tell anyone, okay?  Here it goes...I'm more than a little in love with glass and Chrystal door knobs!  I wish my whole house had them!  I do have one on my pantry door and we all know that booger gets opened a million times a day.

We are STILL working on our bedroom, so no reveal yet. You know the bedroom I've talked about ad nauseum here and here and here  and a couple other places too. BUT it is painted the LOVELY twilight grey by Behr.  And we do have glossy white crown molding now. PLUS, Matt put these two FABULOUS old Chrystal door knobs up as curtain tie backs!  He hid the bolt with grey conduit pipe! He's a clever fella!  I think they are so pretty but I can't decide if they should have the ribbon or not have it.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  I originally wanted grey velvet but I haven't been able to find any.

Almost forgot, I hope you ALL went over to My Sweet Savannah's and put your name in to win.  Melaine picked a winner for my SCENTSY  give away. Congratulaions super sweet MEG from Instead Of Sheep.  Go check out her blog and I'm LOVIN' the font in her title. It's charming just like the blog!  Meg won a  SCENTSY wall plug in and 2 scent bars from my site.  You may not have won but you CAN still take advantage of the October promo I'm having until 6:00 tonight est.  If you spend $50.00 I'll GIVE YOU A FREE PLUG IN WALL WARMER! Whoooo Hooo!  So buy a couple gifts for people on that long list you have and give yourself one for free, whooooopeeee. 


It's me said...

Hi Robyn....nice !! ..congratulations to the winner !!..i have also a give away...please join Ria

Eri said...

Hi Robyn, your pictures are always fantastic, lovely!!! I love to visit your blog every day, fantastic post! Have a nice day! kiss

Meg said...

Robyn!! I'm SO excited!!! I hadn't heard of Scentsy until I saw it on Melaine's blog, these plug in's are adorable! I was tripping over myself trying to enter because I was so excited about it :D THANKS SO MUCH!

What a clever idea to use conduit to hide the bolt, my vote is without ribbon, I think your first picture looks just perfect!


My Cottage Charm said...

I like it better without the ribbon..but hey, that's just me and my insane brain! :-) Or maybe I would like the ribbon if it were tied more loosely. Hmm....I don't know, whatever makes your heart go pitter patter! :-)
OH, I know I've said it before, but I just LOVE those pics of Callie...she's so lovely! :)
Hope you guys have F.U.N. this week!!
Love ya

Robyn said...

Thanks Ladies! I thought the ribbon was too much too but thought maybe it was just me! THANKS for the input, you all ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the big reveal! The ribbon adds a sweet touch!


Tina said...

Gorgeous, Robyn!! I love the crystal knobs and have to agree with Eddie (how could I not!!), I think the ribbon is lovely:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely lady ~ Txx