Friday, October 8, 2010

Flea Market Finds Friday

 Whenever I have a collection of something, I like to use the ODD NUMBER RULE.  Many things in life look nice to us when they are symetrical.  There are studies that show that babies prefer peoples faces that are symetrical.  Luckily this doesn't usually apply in design.  It is usually better to have 1,3,5 or 7 of a grouping, making it visually more pleasing to the eye.  Of course this gives you a GREAT big EXCUSE to buy more than one of something but we won't go there!

 Ever since I saw a friends collection of antique alarm clocks a few years ago, I've been dying to get my own.  There is something whimsical about them but still really graphic.  I also love to think of  who these clocks may have woken for many years!  The clock on the left is 125 years old!  That's a little of bleary-eyed mornings!  The one on the far right is just from the 40's but I love it's very graphic face.  They are all set to 5 because that's our family number and as the saying goes, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!".
I've finally given up summer and have embraced FALL with a few goodies here and there.  Fall flowers are fun to display.   I have admired this BROWN canning jar forever at my favorite little antique/junk shop for about a YEAR.  BOB set it aside for me so that one day I could get it.  He let me borrow it for my GIRLS NIGHT IN  (WITH THE HUGE SCENTSY GIVEAWAY) last week because I LOVE the color of it and thought it went great with the grocery store flowers I bought.  Incidentally, in the pic, they are a week old, so I went through and re-arranged them and took out the tired
blooms.  I actually like this looser arrangement!  Sorry for the poor pic, that's what happens when you take your blog photos at 6 in the morning!  I'm really going to have a hard time giving it back.  But it's okay, I have it on lay away!  Bob says he has a whole "Robyn Shelf" that you can look at but you can't buy because he's saving it for me!  That's a good friend!

I also have been slowly collecting these plates for the dining room. They are all also from BOB . The collection is not quite done.  I REALLY want an oblong platter to put above the mirror but I couldn't wait any longer and I had to get them hung!  I LOVE the "grill" plates at the bottom.  They are in the A and B pattern of blue willow but are actually RESTAURANT WARE. How cool is that!  That's why they are divided.  It's not like they are very rare but I love them.  I also have a brown transferware one in my foyer that's divided AND has the restaurants name on it!   

These are a few of the acquistions from recent trips to the flea or antique market.  Sometimes it's difficult being patient to finish a collection (if a collection can ever really be finished!) but it's worth the wait!

 Don't forget the SCENTSY GIVE AWAY in the last post! It's a GOOD one and it ends on Sunday.

By the way, you may notice those pillows in the built in that I talked about in the "pillow post" recently.  I'm really loving the fluffy cream round one with the stark lines of the gingerbread brown with the ric rac.  It makes me think of Christmas cookies! ...always dessert on the mind!

Hey, go check out all the pretty fall goodies at the link party at TWIG!


My Cottage Charm said...

I LOVE your little alarm clocks...they are so sweet and the graphics are great! You know I have never, EVER had to use an alarm inside clock has awakened me before 6 am since...well forever! ;)
Bob is so sweet to don't find too many people willing to hold items until you can afford to go get them! :) Love the jar!
Don't feel bad thinking of desserts all the time...we're girls, that's what we do! Chocolate and cheesecake, what would the world be like without them?!! :)
Have a good day my friend!

The Frosted Gardner said...

Love the clocks! But I think you knew that I would. I have yet to find something like that! But I will always be on the hunt. Hope you are doing well Robyn!

Lynda said...'s time for a drink!!! Cheers, enjoy the weekend!!;)


It's me said...

Happy weekend darling...i have a party love Ria....

Pam said...

Crows do make things creepy. I got some at The Dollar Tree this year and they have taken over my house. Cute clocks and I love that you have them set at 5:00.

.Twig. said...

Clocks are my FAAAAAAAVorite! :) Love your decor girl!

Tina said...

Oh Robyn, I LOVE your clocks!!! They are fabulous:) I also love your plates on the wall! I did not know about the odd number rule, but now I do:) Hmmm may have to start a new collection of something to try the rule out (any excuse - right?)!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend lovely lady. Hugs ~ Tina xx

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

Those clocks are so pretty=0) I also love the blue color you painted the wall...makes the plates POP!


awal.ny said...

I did leave a comment yesterday but sometimes I get blogger not available so I will try again. I love your fall touches. I have a thing for clocks, more like the faces, I really have not gotten into collecting them though, I think I have enough collections as it is. Have a great weekend.

Natasha said...

Oh I love that first picture! What a great collection.

Best wishes and happy week,

Debra@Common Ground said...

I collect old clocks too, and at my house it's always 10-10! And I'm really lovin' your plates arranged on the wall, really pretty grouping! so glad you joined in on VIF. Hope you're having a great week!

radn said...

You have a beautiful house!