Friday, October 22, 2010

Scentsy Upgrade

I thought I should let you know that on SUNDAY, the super SWEET Melaine of My Sweet Savannah, is hosting a GREAT Scentsy giveaway.   Melaine is just about the sweetest blogger with the most inspirational site that you'd ever want to visit.  She's super busy doing a market this weekend but on SUNDAY, she's doing my FUN GIVE AWAY!  The prize is a PLUGIN warmer of your choice and whichever 2 scent bars you choose!  We were going to do it today but the SCENTSY site is down today and tomorrow for a cool upgrade.

So the door to the Scentsy site (including mine) won't open today or tomorrow but will re-open Sunday!

Don't forget I have an AWESOME OCTOBER promotion, if you spend $50.00 I will GIVE you a plugin and scent bar!  It's only going to run from Sunday till Wednesday the 27th.  I'll be out of town after that.  So if you want some FREE goodies, here's your LAST chance to get that 20 dollar value FREE!  Come on back on Sunday and CHECK out MY SWEET SAVANNAH's GREAT GIVE AWAY!

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It's me said...

Hi are you??....wishing you a happy happy weekend........warm hugs and love from me Ria.....