Monday, August 26, 2013

August BIRCHBOX subscription A REVIEW of this beauty box and comparison to BEAUTY ARMY August

I don't know if I mentioned it in my Beauty Army review but my girls and I LOVE makeup.  I'm totally the type that if I'm having a bad day, a new tube of lipstick will cure it quick!  Considering Birchbox was on a waiting list I really didn't expect to get an August box so this was a pleasant surprise!  Let's open it up!

I have to say I'm tickled with this box!  4 nice size samples of eye shadow a coordinating VERY fine line liquid liner in navy blue.  It's a fabulous liner, my daughter Callie and I have both used it and loved it!  The company is called EYEKO London and it's called the Skinny Mini but it's a full size liner.  The lipstick is equally TDF! It smells scrumptious, goes on like a dream and it's a GREAT semi darker NUDE shade called Dusk till Dawn by a company called  It's the Party Proof Matte lipstick and I have to say it does have very nice staying power!
We are both trying the shadows tomorrow but I did a swatch test and the pigmentation seems fine.  We also received a self tanner towelette that covers your face and upper body.  That's probably something my teenager might use but I probably wouldn't.  We also received two products from a company called Miss Jessie's.  One is Super Sweetback Treatment that is a deep conditioning treatment for growing out hair. And the other is called Rapid Recovery Treatment, it's a deep treatment for repairing dry brittle curly hair. I'll be sure to use that. It also came with a little fashion pamplet for fall including some very generous Ann Taylor coupons.

Comparing this Birchbox to the Beauty Army box is sort of a no brainer.  I'd say I like the Birchbox much better, more product and 2 full size products.  I might give both of them one more month but if I had to decide today I'd say Birchbox and it's only $10 not $12 like the Beauty Army.

If you are thinking about a subscription box, I'd say for a little money it sure is nice getting a surprise in the mail once a month with some products you very well could fall in love with!

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My Cottage Charm said...

How fun! I have never heard of either, but now I want to get a box in the mail!!