Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty Army Subscription Box, my first one! A review

I don't know if it just a freaky thing with me but I expect most girls are the same way.  WE LOVE SURPRISES!  Seemingly in the past year and especially the past few months subscription box companies have been popping up all over the place.  There are beauty boxes, lifestyle boxes, nail boxes, men's boxes (there is even a monthly tackle box!), perfume boxes, food boxes, organic boxes and jewelry only boxes.  You name it and there is a box company willing to send you a surprise box every month for a fee.  Sometime the fee is small, like $10!  Sometimes it's big like $35-50.  Of course the quality and size of materials in those boxes is directly related to how much you want to spend.

Sure, I'd love getting luxurious full size containers of makeup like Urban Decay and Oh La la la French stuff I can't pronounce but this chick is on a budget but I still want a happy little surprise each month.  Luckily there are plenty of companies in the $10-18 dollar range.  Finally this month I bit the bullet, did a bit of research and decided to order Beauty Army for $12.  September I'm going to try the very popular $10 Birchbox (there is a waiting list) and then my girls decided to pitch in and order the POP SUGAR box in October for $35.  The cool thing about these is most of them can be cancelled at any time.  Some even have a skip a month feature.

Our August BEAUTY ARMY box came in with much fan fare.  Trumpets blaring, confetti, balloons dropping from the sky etc.  Well none of that really happened but as excited as my girls and I were you wouldn't have been surprised.  With out further ado..the reveal!

Okay I have to admit, I seriously thought the mystery sample was a tampon.  It looked just like one!  Luckily it was this pretty shade of  raspberry pink lip gloss from a company I haven't heard of.  That's okay though because this is all about TRYING new things!  I've used YES TO CARROTS before and it's a go to product for makeup removal.  We are Tea girls so that was pleasant surprise.  I'm also literally the driest person you will probably ever meet so a moisturizer is always a plus.  The little bottle of gel nails is kinda disappointing because you have to have gel nails to use it and we don't but oh well.  Pony tail holders....YEAH!  We go through those like water! Is it just us or do those things do a disappearing act on everyone?

I'd have to say we were pleased with our box.  There were some unknown products but that's kinda the point so that's okay.  We might try this one more month to see what September beholds!  Overall 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Some of the other companies I've heard of are:
Glossy Box USA  a beauty box
Petite Vour   a beauty box
Boxy Charm
Goody Gorilla a snack food subscription box
Blush    a beauty box
Julep    a nail box
Blue Box  a jewelry box
FABFITFUN  a women's box
BEAUTYBOX 5  a beauty box
GLAM BAG    a beauty box
Nail Art Society    a nail box
Juniper   a beauty box
The Bride Box     a box for brides
Her FAB BOX    a women's box
Dottie Box    a box of handmade items


It's me said...

What a lovely box Robyn...have a nice Ria...x !

Britney Compton said...

I just got my first beauty army box (really August was my month for introductions into the "box subscription" world; agreed, so much fun to get surprises)...I completely messed up and was confused. I thought I had five days to pick so I just picked some mouth wash (who does that)...and that is all I received.

They have GREAT customer service, so they are sending me some extra next month since I am clearly not paying attention to what I am doing.

I love your box...thought it was a tampon also! Ha!

Kat said...

Try Ipsy,10$ a month and often full size makeup.

CrazyLady said...

I don't like BirchBox - I subbed for 1 month back in May after seeing it on the Wendy Williams show (lol). I much prefer IPSY ($10).

The reason I didn't sub to Beauty Army is because they send too many "foil packet" samples.

Birchbox sends more lifestyle samples, so not bad just not what I'm looking for.

Ipsy (formerly MyGlam/Glambag) sends cosmetics. I loooove Ipsy! When you get a chance, Google around and see what you think!

I've heard (and seen) good reviews about PopSugar so I'll be waiting on your review ;D

Glossybox is great as well, but costs $21. Their products are usually higher end though (Oscar De La Renta, SpaRitual, Tarte, ect)