Monday, August 5, 2013

Directors Chair To Side Table DIY

While at the beach a few weeks ago for a girls weekend I happened to spot a set of 6 directors chairs for $10 each.  I didn't need 6 but 1 sounded good!  I remember seeing in a magazine how they they changed a directors chair into an end table.  I figured I could wing that without the directions!

Yes, yes I know she was beautiful as a beat up old directors chair but I couldn't resist!  I really needed an end table so...OFF with her arms!  ...And back!  

A couple coats of Rustoleums Heirloom White and she was a new woman.  Actually a little bit too much of a NEW woman so out came the sanding block.
 I measured her top and ordered a piece of tempered glass.  It took about 2 weeks of torture to come in.  But today I was able to slide her on top of it's new home.  Off to Target to get a little lamp.  I wanted to get a small one that was glass but there wasn't any and glass probably wouldn't make sense since it could fall off.  I did get one for $9.99 that had a shade that matched the shade on the lamp that's on the chest directly across from it.  A new end table and the fresh pops of new pillows and a blanket from this POST and I have a totally fresh family room! OHHHH and we are in the process of painting the wood floor in there are charcoal grey.  Plus for my birthday I ordered a grey and white chevron pouf.  We took back the multicolored one because it was loosing all of it's fabric.  So anyway, what do you think for a $10 chair?
As I said we are in the process of painting the old wood floor a medium to dark grey and that will look so much better! So don't mind the ugly flooring!

This will all look so much better when the floor is painted grey!


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