Monday, May 19, 2008

Cotton candy b-day!


I'm sure by now you are sick of hearing about C and C's b-day but these pics are cute I think for snapshots. AND I have to tell you me and the kids have THE biggest sweet tooth on the face of the earth so we basically had a couple sugar filled parties! If you ever want to get the kids at a b-day really REALLY sugared up before you send them home, you just have to rent a cotton candy machine! I love in the one b-day cake pic how happy they look and how they are each looking the opposite way! That's a fresh strawberry cake with fresh strawberry buttercream...ummm yum! The other cake is a Paula Deen coconut cake with coconut filling and 7-minute frosting (my FAV!) DELISH!
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Leah said...

Now I want some cotton candy!! LOL!