Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here fishy fishy and HEY, let's go to Disney World!

These are the Koi in our little garden pond. I'm in love with the one with the white lips...he cracks me up! In a few more weeks, they'll be so tame that they'll suck on your finger when you put it in the water. Over the winter they get shy but as it warms up and we spend more time out by the pond, they get more and more friendly. Even now, as soon as we open the patio door, they'll swim over to the side looking for a handout of fish food! We must have a VERY romantic pond because all of our fish produce babies like a bundle of bunnies. We are constantly giving them away...except for my favorites of course.

Speaking of bigger two will be turning 12 tomorrow! WOW! Twelve years ago today, I had a sonogram appointment to check them and their weight. While I was there I asked a nurse to check my BP because I was supposed to have it checked at home every other day and I had forgotten. Little did I know, that when she checked it, it was sky high. She sent me home to rest (duh, I was already on bed rest but was supposed to come off the next day). She apparently called my doctor and by the time I got home I had 3 messages on my machine to get back to the hospital immediately! So I went back and was induced due to pre-eclampsia. First came Ms. Callie at 6lbs 6oz and 7 minutes later Mr. Cole at 6 lbs. 1 oz. Not too shabby for 4 weeks early huh? Once Cole started eating, he grew and grew and now he's almost 12, wears a mens size 10 shoe and is almost 5 ft 5 inches! That kid can EAT! Which brings me in a round about way to Disney. (MAN am I GOOD with the segways!)

We love love LOVE Disney and can't wait to go back. Luckily, my friend Lisa is a Disney specialist travel agent. Well, low and behold Disney is having a FREE MEAL PLAN package in September (and the last week of August). That means you go to Disney and EAT THERE FOR FREE, BREAKFAST, SNACK AND DINNER. AT NICE PLACES...sit down meals too and character meals as well! So I said SIGN US UP! Because I KNOW Cole will get our monies worth fo shoo! She can book anyone anywhere so even my reader in Japan (waving HEY to whoever you are in Japan) can use Lisa! Her email is . Tell her Robyn sent you! :-)
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Leah said...

Those are some great pics of the fish! And what an awesome deal on the Disney trip!

m i s s brie said...


Hey missy, you better tells us when you are here at Disney! =) We will come join you for dinner or a quick trip 'around the world'!