Monday, May 26, 2008

Matilda Jane Joy!


I had my Matilda Jane Party this weekend, gosh it was fun! A LOT of work but fun! I seriously want so many things for my girls but...there's always that blasted BUDGET thing! :-) CUTE stuff and I did order some pre party so you might get a sneak peek here soon enough anyway. I hung a clothes line, well the DELIGHTFUL husband did actually and we had to move some furniture around to accomadate BUT it sure was cute! I made all kinds of yummy goodies too. MY GAWD, I totally think I'm SO hooked on (well not really but if I were to get hooked it could be on these) pomagranate martinis...DELISH! There was Paula Deans coconut just die and go to coconut heaven why don'tcha! Brownie caramel cheesecake (brownie crust and wurthers caramels YES a match made in heaven). Rich butter bars, and Peyton's hands down FAVORITE rasberry white chocolate mousse! She popped those little chocolate shot glasses full of moussie goodness in her mouth like POPCORN! THEN plopped more on her plate from the bowl of mousse. Oh yeah, pound cake too with browned butter glaze. If you want a recipe, send me a note!

PLEASE check out WHIMAGES.COM in the next few days...I'll be posting all kinds of new cuties!
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