Friday, May 16, 2008

Double trouble double fun!


Today is the big day...Callie and Cole are now twelve. Why does twelve seem so much older than 11? Yesterday we had THE BEST DAY. They were so sick that they couldn't go to school (cough coughshoppingmentalhealthday cough). We went to York PA and the kids shopped their little butts off and spent their birthday money wisely if I do say so myself. FUN DAY!

While at the mall,the kids and I went into one of those everything Dog stores and bought some CUTE dog biscuits shaped like french fries...they wanted the VERY realistic burger combo meal but I couldn't spend 7 dollars on a dog biscuit/burger combo meal. Yeah, so I'm weird like that! BUT look how cute these fries are! If you look closely, you can see Macy doing her boxer woo woo song in the background with her black liver lips. Man my dogs are cute! :-)
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Leah said...

Happy Birthday to the twins!