Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Sale!!!!

Here's something I'm super excited about! A few months ago, while looking at another photographers site, I saw these AWESOME cute clothes the the little girl had on. The photog (I don't even remember who it was, sorry) mentioned that they were from a trunk show she went to called Matilda Jane. Soooo I googled (gotta love google) it and FELL FAST AND HARD IN LOVE! CUTE fun funky and classic all at the same time! LOVE that! Plus a lot of the stuff is designed to be worn for two years because it grows with the kid! AWESOME. I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like my kids are eating fertizer! EEEKKK! SO GO check out the website...after you finish reading my ultra important blog post of course! OHHHHH yeah, I didn't take these pictures...I got them off of the site so I'll give credit to what ever uber cool photog happen to shoot for MJ!

So here's the deal. I'm having an OPEN HOUSE with these super cute clothes in a couple weeks. It's a trunk show...that doesn't mean you get to take the stuff home BUT you get to see it and touch it and try it on your girlies AND yourself because MJ makes LOVELY ladies schtuff too! So I want all of you who want to check this out, to come to my house! So yeah, this is sorta like a weird, blanket internet invite but I'll only send you the details if you send me an email and ask, okay? REaLLY, even if I don't know you know youbut you aren't some weird stalkerish me! :-) I'll have munchies and sweets (cause I LOVE to bake) and wine...gotta have the wine! AND last but NOT least...everyone who comes will be entered into a door prize for a FREE sitting fee for one subject with WHIMAGES.COM, yeah I know....SHAMELESS self promo here but, oh well! That's a $125.oo value! So go check out and the blog because it's super cute too! THEN come back and email and ask for an invitation!

EDITED to CORRECT my email address....i am an idjet! LOL

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