Monday, May 5, 2008

Lucky girls!

These sweet sisters are a couple of lucky girls! They are growing up surrounded by family on a wonderful patch of farmland full of rolling hills, tall grass, buttercups and love! Such a fun shoot and so many GREAT spots to snap some shots of these cuties!

And speaking of farmland, I have another Peytonism for you. Regular blog readers will know that I periodically share crazy/goofy/off the wall comments that my youngest daughter, Peyton makes. We have a local dairy that uses the milk from their own cows to make DELICIOUS creamy homemade icecream. On Saturday we went there to get a few cones and drop off a photo of a barn I had taken on the property (You may have seen it on here last week). As we were leaving, we passed a herd of dairy cows. I see Peyton looking at them and then she asks, "Mom, what's the recipe for MILK?"

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