Monday, December 29, 2008

The aftermath...

I've been non-existent here in whimagesville for a bit. Sorry! I looked at my stats today and I was like "so I must BLOG tonight or I might get hate mail or something". Wasn't quite that bad but still lots of people were looking for whatever mundane thing I have to say about my life, my dogs, my kids, my ailments and my photos. So here goes

I'll start off like my deceased Polish Grandmother (bless her heart!) and talk about my crappy luck with my back. As I mentioned, I put off the next lumbar surgery (where they would be going in through my STOMACH most likely...hope your not eating a donut or something). I elected to have Epidural Steroid Injections instead. These could: a. work wonderfully and put off the surgery for a long time b. be a GREAT patch job till the surgery or C. not really work. So I had to see a pain management specialist instead of the neurosurgeon that I just love. Apparently, it's a fun thing to switch up your meds right before the holidays and put you on stuff that takes about a
week to semi kick in. AND to make it an even better GOOD TIME, don't tell me this AND don't return my frantic phone calls that started on a Friday morning. Cool huh? We are off to a great start! I spent 3 days in the fetal position on my couch but heck could have been worse. At least I have a couch. At least I can curl into a fetal position...look for the positives people! Finally Monday night I did get a call back. So next time I'm supposed to a. deal with it or b. go to the emergency room. Great options. Today I had the procedure done....I'd have rather had a real epidural, in fact...with the twins it took 3 epidurals to work (cause I was literally the SIZE of a BARN and I couldn't squish up into that fetal position ball that they like) I would have rather had the 3 epidurals again! Anyway, enough b*tching, it's over with and I feel fine tonight. I'll go back in 2 weeks for another and hopefully that will last through our Disney trip at the end of the month.

Santa came by our little abode and brought some goodies. I have LOTS of photos of my kids with their eyes shut. nice. The wrappingpaperboxstrewn room always cracks me up. The kids on the's tradition! Don't mind the BED frame at the top of the steps...the girls are changing beds YET AGAIN. This pic is of Peyton with her requisite Matilda Jane ( that was on the top of her list. Look at Levi's LOOOOONG tail in the shot. Poor guy can't even sit properly! Santa went phsycho and got Cole the phone he wanted. Santa is crazy. Callie got the UGGS. Remember the UGGS? Read the last couple posts. She hasn't taken them off. I got a really cool camera wrist wrap since I really shouldn't have the camera around my neck anymore. Matt and I don't exchange and we haven't in years! BUT read on about our FAMILY PRESENT:

Cosmo is now officially a member of our whacked household of kids, fur, feathers and fins. WOOHOO! I'm so happy for US! LOL

I just realized this whole post sounds ALMOST like one of those RAH RAH MY FAMILY ROCKS holiday letters you sometimes get. Well, minus the complaining like my Polish grandmother (bless her heart!) part. Sorry! :-)
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