Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cobblers Son

So there is that old saying about the cobbler's son going shoe-less. I mentioned that last year too. Well...first of all a cobbler is a shoe maker and anyway...you get the idea. Well, for me it applies to my Christmas photos. I tried to do them over Thanksgiving but my husband hated them (I think I mentioned this already, maybe not) he said the children looked like Serbian Orphans (not that there is anything wrong with Serbian Orphans and I'd be more than happy to help one AND I BET they'd be MORE than HAPPY to let me take their CHRISTMAS photos). So I told the kids that they HAD to do it again on Monday. AMONGST groans and fussing I really didn't get ANYTHING I liked! LOL Most of all Callie hates all of them (so yeah, we don't hate here at the Bedsaul's so she must STRONGLY DISLIKE all of them) but she TOTALLY was NOT into it and it shows in the photo. Cole and Peyton were much more cooperative. This type of WHIPLASH emotion (Bella says something like that to Edward in TWILIGHT...don't even get me started on my TWILIGHT issues) is really becoming the norm around here
with the twelve year old set I have. Much more so with the female but it goes both ways. Here's an example: The kids usually get one larger ie: more expensive gift and then all their other gifts for Christmas. Callie wanted REAL UGGS, not fake UGGS not BEARPAWS not Payless or the ones from the kiosk in the mall. Last year, she got Bearpaws...not a good idea. ANYWAY, so I ordered the UGGS, obviously she knows she got them, she saw the box come in the mail. They are SUPER cute and chocolate brown (and I thank the Lord that her feet are now big enough the momma will be able to wear them occassionally while little miss moody-pants is at school). The next morning we have a complete and utter break-down crying hissy fit because those chocolate brown UGGS would look SUPER-CUTE with the outfit she has on and Miss Moody-PANTS will NOT tell Daddy and she will not wear them ever again until Christmas. OBVIOUSLY she went to school not speaking to me because I'm definately the meanest mom ever for not letting her wear them and ruining her day by making her resort to wearing chocolate brown suede ballet flats with her super-cute outfit.  Oh the PAIN of not having EXACTLY the right shoe!

In other Bedsaul family news...I think Cosmo aka Drano-boy will be staying. He's just such an angel pup and I love him so much. AND I love Levi McCoy so much too. Especially when he comes into the bathroom while I'm showering and pushes back the curtain while chewing about 8 pieces of mint gum with the foil intact. THAT had to taste great! Who doesn't enjoy chewing a half-pack of gum at one time, and why bother taking off the foil wrapper? Macy and Cosmo just layed on my bed during the gum chewing fiasco minding their own business. I do have to compliment Levi on his fresh breath the rest of the morning. There is a silver lining to every dark cloud people!
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