Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pin up boy!


Chester's Calendars came in today from Toyota Marketing! Made me so happy for him! Cool thing is they are FREE at ANY Toyota dealership NATIONWIDE! If you are not familiar with Chester, he's my rescue boy who passed away from Lymphoma this summer. This photo was submitted just a couple days after he was diagnosed and I feel it's such a great tribute to a wonderful boy who touched everyone's heart.
I had/have visions this year of beautiful and bright, happy Christmas cards of my kids that just scream JOY! I purchased colorful and fun hats and have my cards all picked out. The problem is my kids run SCREAMING from me when I bring it up. I'm getting a little ticked! Lucky for me, my friend also had visions of bright happy cards too and HER kids were cooperative. Even if we did just stick them infront of my white birch right off the bus stop this afternoon they did great and look at those cute happy faces! I MUST try again tomorrow with my kids...I'm going to have to threaten them or something!
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Lori said...

Hello Robyn~
I am in Connecticut right now visiting a close friend and will be stopping by a local dealership while I'm here to see your "Pin up boy!"
By the way..did you get the "Christmas Photos" I sent you? I believe I sent them to your comcast.net email..I think..
If I were closer to you I would drive down to see you! One day! :)

Cricket said...

What a handsome boy he was Robyn! My heart is heavy hearing of your loss....