Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday princess and a Peytonism

We celebrated my little neice's 3rd birthday over the weekend. She had a pony party and a bright colorful cake and lot's of fun! She said it was her best party EVER! LOL I think they always say that!

This morning I was showered and dressed to take Peyton to the bus stop early because I needed to run to the grocery and also go to the Children's place to get a plain shirt to match something Peyton will be getting for Christmas. I just had on Jeans and a long sleeved brown t-shirt. Since it's now so cold I put on my fake UGGS that my husband and sister hate. Peyton looked up at me told me I looked pretty. That's only because half the time I go to the bus stop in my PJ's but so do a lot of the other moms! I told her thank you and how sweet it was for her to say that. I then reminded her that Daddy really didn't like my boots and she said, and I quote..."MANS never have any fashion sense!"

About my surgery, if you are wondering. We've decided to try injections in my lumbar that are sort of like an epidural block for a couple months to block the pain. In the meantime my doctor is looking at all of the possibilities for my back and is considering a flexible polymer fusion instead of the titanium. When all is said and done, I'll be made up of all kinds of new-age contraptions! LOL So no surgery for me before Christmas which is a relief as long as these injections work. I start physical therapy again too. I really like doing that! LOL

Cosmo went to his new home yesterday. A few tears were shed here all around but we KNOW that he will have a great home there and be well loved. I talked to the mommy last night and she said he had a FUN filled day wrestling with Bo, their boxer but by evening he
sorta looked like he thought he was only there for a playdate! I'm wishing him well!

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