Thursday, December 4, 2008


First of all, let me say my husband would NOT be happy if he saw that I posted this sleeping photo of no one call him, K? I took the photo of Macy and Cosmo yesterday and the one of Matt and Cosmo about 10 minutes ago.

Mr. Cosmo, aka: Drano Boy, will be moving to his new family this weekend. I've never fostered for more than a day or so and this is why. I think if the dog came from a normal home with a loving family that just happened to have extenuating circumstances that caused them to rehome their furbaby and that furbaby became my foster, than placing said furbaby in a new home after fostering would be easy. Yes that was a run on sentence...I had a couple glasses of therapeutic Champagne with Tina so I'm not sure how this post is going to turn out. You are warned.

Cosmo on the other hand (just like Chester-more on that in a minute) came from a home that was obviously dsyfunctional. (Wow, I can still use big words after Champagne. I rock.) He has Demodex mange which is often caused by
stress. It's more than obvious that this little man HAD been stressed. He's afraid of strangers that come into our house especially men. The poor guy practically jumped out of his skin the other day when he was outback and a squirrel caught his attention. He couldn't get inside fast enough. Given ALL that is known and UNKNOWN, his delightful loyal boxer spirit shines through and he's not willing to give up on loving humans. He didn't let his past break him, and I love him for that.

3 dogs  in a house with 3 kids and a bunch of miscellaneous kids that show up here, 4 birds and a 1/4 acre lot is probably more than a little chaos.  My heart said, Cosmo should stay but the stupid realistic part of my brain said $$$$ more dog food, $$$$ more vet bills no grass and more poop for the kids to clean up and my GAWD do they complain about that everyday as it is.  I honestly haven't been looking very hard at all for another family.. Or at all for another family. But several weeks ago a friend of ours who also has a beautiful boxer (he's pictured on my whimages site) inquired about Cosmo's story. I decided then, weeks back, that if Cosmo had to leave that I would LOVE for him to go to that family. They have many acres of land, grandchildren that live on the farm and another handsome boxer boy and a sweet senior lab. Of course, several weeks later now, he has settled into our home and deeeeep into our hearts. He is the SWEETEST and most soulful pup I think I may have ever met. He wears his heart tatooed on his sleeve for everyone to see his emotions. He's loving beyond BEYOND what a normal boxer is and if you haven't had one before you can't imagine. Love so boundless that sometimes they can't bear to be without you so much that they poke (all three heads sometimes) into the shower just to make sure you didn't magically dissappear in the mist behind that curtain. Cosmo's favorite place to sleep is ON you. His favorite place to be? With you. I know that he will have SO much fun with his new family and will be SO loved. This is a GREAT family and I feel better for having met them. Over the past year they have proven to be some of the nicest and kindest people I have met.

I don't think I'll be fostering anytime soon.
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Lori said...

Oh Robyn...I can't imagine what you and your family are feeling knowing that sweet Cosmo won't be living with your family soon. It sounds like he has an awesome family that will be taking him in. Your fostering must be difficult, rewarding and chaotic to boot! I hope you get to stay in touch with that sweet boy!

Robyn said...

Lori, luckily, he's only about 10 minutes away, so once he's settled in I'll definately be visiting to get my cosmo-fix!