Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lovin' Levi

Here's Mr. Levi McCoy.  Long time followers of the Whimages blog might remember about his crazy adventures, the insane things he did and our mutual love affair (in a happy healthy Mommy, doggie way).  This story really happened about the first week of March but I've been unable to really talk about it.

I've volunteered for a boxer rescue group for a long time.  All of the boxers we've had since I was 17/18 have been rescues beginning with Mugzy.  After having rescued Mugzy, we decided that EVERY dog after him would be a rescue as a tribute to him.  We adopted Levi at 6 months and I totally fell HARD for his weird quirkiness.  (All boxers are pretty much, odd weird quirky dogs and that's why I like them) but Levi was an extra goofball.  He really held a VERY special place in my heart.  Shortly after adopting Levi we had about a week or two were we fostered what felt like10 different boxers over a week.  It really was like 4 or 5 but it was a crazy time.  One of the fosters, the last one actually was a very handsome boy who was 7 months old.  I placed him with my sister but he came back about 3 days later because he had too much puppy rowdiness for her aging Labrador and her then 2 and 3 year old.  So he came back HOME.  We continued to FALL for him then a placement became available a week or so later.  We placed him with the new family and the next day he came back because their current boxer didn't really like Cosmo that much.  Each time Cosmo came back, Levi was THRILLED to see him...Macy, not so much! 
In trying to cut this story a tad short, over the next year we had NUMEROUS fights between the dogs.  Fights that ended up with Macy having to get staples two different times.  It was odd because between the fights, Levi and Cosmo were BEST BUDDIES and MACY and LEVI played a ton.  After consulting with 2 vets and doing some very DEEP soul searching, we knew that someone had to go.  I ended up being THAT person who I NEVER thought I'd be.  While looking for the BEST possible home for either LEVI or COSMO another fight occurred and Cole stuck his big size 12 shoe between two muzzles to break it up and was inadvertently bitten.  He had to get stitches on his calf and will forever have a scar.  THIS kills me as a mother because it was MY fault because I was taking so long to find the perfect home.  NONE of our boxers would EVER EVER EVER purposely bite and to this day Cosmo doesn't know he bit Cole and not Levi.

More soul searching revealed that even though boxers are VELCRO dogs and typically don't let you leave the room with out them.  Levi had the MOST self confidence and would adjust to a new home easier.  This was really a DIFFICULT decision and not taken lightly.  There was something special about him to me for sure.

A WONDERFUL home was found for him with a couple that have a high energy lab, a large fenced in back yard, parents that live across the street and the dogs would go to doggie daycare  (which he LOVES) once or twice a week.

We did the meet and greet and everything went awesome.  Levi has been living there happily ever since.  WE have not had ONE skirmish. NOT ONE.  Levi and his new brother haven't either of course.  I get updates on him frequently and photos too!

2 days before my surgery, I made the drive to go see Levi in his new home.  He was SO HAPPY to see me and I was thrilled to see him as well. He was happy and well adjusted and no longer even needed his crate.  He kissed me a zillion times and nibbled on my nose and ears (that was a typical Levi thing), he sat in my lap and we enjoyed each others company immensely.  When it was finally time for me to leave he watched me go but there was NO indication he thought he was going too.  He KNEW it was a visit.  AND it's definitely a visit I'll repeat!
 BTW, this photo of him is the last shot I took of him a couple days before he was re homed.  I love it!

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Flaviana said...

Dear Robyn
I volunteer at a dog's shelter too and I know very well how much you can get attached to those "kids"!
I loved reading your story, it's so touching..
Can you give me some advice ?You know, I have two boxers too, one male -Dido-and one female -Penny- ..I found out lately that, on meal times, Penny doesnt let him eat!! She growls if he tries to get to his bowl and then she eats her meal and buries Dido's meal!!
have you ever seen such a behaviour??
Thanks my friend!
xxx Love

Anonymous said...

oh how sweet and bitter at the same time, I'm so glad he's in a happy home and still has a connection with you, my heart would break for you and for him if it were otherwise. He's a lovely boy, I'm doggy mommy of two labs and they're truly pieces of my heart.