Monday, August 23, 2010



Where of WHERE does the time go!  I haven't blogged in almost a WEEK.  So sorry Ladies...I MISSED YOU!  I had that DANG first caudal epidural injection last Thursday.  Let's just say it wasn't as fun as I thought it might be!  I've got another one this Thursday but hopefully I'll have some residual numbness from last week.  That's all I'm sayin'!

Okay, enough of the WHINING (well there might be one little spell more...) On to the post.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Yay me.  (here's the last little bit o'whine) It's that fun one that starts with a 4 and ends with an 0 MY GOODNESS I'M HOW OLD? I'm going to EMBRACE the 40 'cause it's gotta be GREAT!  
I'm going start with my first CRUSH...My handy husband, Matt!
1. The first crush is on my husband.  That's probably going to make my sister vomit in her mouth a little, since I said it. But oh well, she'll get over it.  Matt always makes sure I get to do something that I want to do for my b-day.  It usually involves antique-ing and yesterday was no different. This time we started our day a bit before sun-up and drove to PA.  After a super delicious belly bustin' breakfast at Willow Valley we drove on to Adamstown, with a bunch of unnecessary detours on the way.  Let me just say that, with no offence to the PA dept of transportation, but they sure have a convoluted route system up there! Our destination was Renningers Antique mall.  This place is HUGE, with 300 interior vendors and up to 400 exterior, when it's not raining, which it was.  We didn't spend much at all but it sure was fun.  We added some glass knobs from here to complete the cabinet from Matt's grandfather and found a vintage brass faucet to fit my outdoor cast iron SINK (NOT URINAL) .   I just LOVE how the different glass knobs look a bit like vintage white diamonds!  I really didn't have a whole lot on my list I was looking for.  I was hoping for some curly-que metal flower frogs, vintage alarm clocks or a wire locker basket.  Out of all those booths, I never saw ONE of ANY of them, isn't that weird? We ended the trip with a Sonic Slush and headed home.  While I took a nap (I'm not embarrassed to say that I LOVE a good nap!) Matt put crown molding up in our BEDROOM!  WHOO HOO!  Our bedroom is our next's the only room in the house we've NEVER PAINTED!  The color here in the photo is NOT what we are using...that's the same color as our island, Behr's French Silver.  We went with a softer grey, Behr's Twilight Gray.  It's going to be so pretty with CRISP, bright WHITE crown~!  We are finally going to get it all together and use the ANNETTE TATUM duvet that I won from the wonderful blog DREAMY WHITES.   I just read on HOUZZ that yellow and grey are "SO last year!"...OH well! I'm still crushin' on it!...and I still big puffy heart Houzz!  I'm posting the above part of this post to WHITE WEDNESDAY...go over to the right and click on parties to check out other great white wonders!
Behr's French Silver
2. A friend of mine is getting married on Friday, so that has me thinking of all things wedding.  (BTW, I'm taking my camera, so I'll be back with some fun photos) Two sites have occupied too much of my time completely unnecessarily but with oh so much LOVE! The first is STYLE ME PRETTY and the other is GREEN WEDDING SHOES.  I mean with pics like this how could you NOT get lost!  Makes me want to get remarried!  To MATT of course! LOL  ...and have someone else pay for it too!   It makes me want to throw a party, there are photos and inspiration GALORE. You MUST TOTALLY check out the DIY section because there are so many ideas that can be used for OTHER celebrations. It's all just so yummy! Plus you can look for inspiration by COLOR , at Style Me Pretty,how super cool is that!  WHO doesn't LOVE a celebration and these websites are each one big one!

3.  Crush number 3 is another website that is FULL of inspiration!  It's Dandelion And Grey , I'm EVEN in love with the name!  She's a prop stylist plus all kinds of other stuff and the blog just ROCKS! She even has a recipe or two (definately trying the SANGRIA one from the other day!)

4. The last little ol' CRUSH is on this puffy, SWEET as PIE and goofy as a 3 dollar bill furry man...

How incredibly SWEET is he laying here with his favorite stuffed toy, Pooh?


It's me said...

Hi darling i missed you....hope your back is feeling better soon.......wishing you a happy new week filled with laugh and joy................hugs from me....Ria.....

the cape on the corner said...

happy happy birthday! those glass knobs are gorgeous. so many birthdays recently in blog land!

Sara @ thesherlockshome said...

The glass knobs are gorgeous! And your furry guy is so cute! I hope you had a very happy birthday.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Happy Birthday!

Love those glass knobs! Your boxer looks like a sweetie! I do not blame you for hoping for some residual numbness for the next epidural.

I absolutely love being in my 40's! I hope you will find that to be true also.

~ Tracy

awal.ny said...

Happy birthday, I hope you are not in too much pain this week.

Oh you went shopping in one of my favorite places when I visit my girlfriend in PA.

I crush my husband too! The wedding sounds fun and I am sure we will be treated to some of your wonderful photography.

McCarthy Designs said...

Wow so much to read through! Happy birthday for tomorrow Robyn I am sure you will embrace you 40's with style! Your hubby sounds fantastic and you deserve to be spoilt. I hope that your next epidural is much better than the last I have only ever had one and I had so many drugs before hand but I still recall that it was not very pleasant! xx

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a darling post!
Hoping you had a wonderful birthday and all your dreams came true!

Big hugs,

Eri said...

Dear, don't worry about the post, there is so much time!!! ... Have a nice day, and Sweet Bithday again!!!!

Cricket said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! It's been awhile since I've visted your know I crush on your fur-baby too! Still have dreams of a Boxer in my life one day..LOL!

Hope you enjoy your birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Robyn! The big 4-0 is not as bad as it seems. I had mine last year. There's no stopping it, so we might as well enjoy it (LOL)! ;o)
Oooh... I love those wedding pictures... how fun and colorful.
And, your pooch is too cute!
~ Jo :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Happy Birthday...ONE MORE TIME! :) I'm so glad you got to do something fun with Matt...glad he made it special for you. :)
Lovin' your knobs and faucett..gonna look great on your urinal/sink...I'm totally kidding! I saw a pic of one somewhere the other day and it was just like yours and it WAS indeed a sink! :)
I'll be saying a prayer for you on Thursday..hope this one doesn't hurt as bad. :(

Love ya girlie
Missy :)

Patti said...

I used to live near Rennigers...great place! As I mentioned before I have been praying for you - in fact I was praying for you today as I drove back home from a trip to FL. God Bless and Happy Birthday.

Rebecca said...

Happy Happy Birthday-sounds like you've had some great days and great days to come!

Rebecca said...

I just had to come back again to thank you for leaving me those links-I soooooooo very much appreciated that you took the time to do that! In such a busy world we seldom take the time or have the energy-but I'm just thrilled. I'm always looking for inspiration and those links will really help! I just wanted to call you on the phone -I was so excited-I hope you have a GREAT day and thanks again!!!!!

Dayle said...

Oh, to be 40 again! Don't waste the 40's worrying about your age; I lost a couple years there at first (hehe). The 40's really are fabulous years. I would dare say, the best. Enjoy!

Virginia said...

Happy Birthday!The forties are the best ….ENJOY!
Love those glass knobs!