Monday, June 16, 2008

A couple cuties, a Peytonism and Chester update!

This lovely family of 4 was just the CUTEST! I shot them at one of my favorite locations and the light was just AMAZING in their gorgeous eyes! All those little blonde it!

Yesterday, Peyton asked if there was a "daughter day?" I wasn't really sure what she meant so I said, "What do you mean?" and she said , "well, today is Fathers Day and we have SON day every week, what about DAUGHTERS day?" Good point.

Chester is doing VERY well, he hasn't had a bad day since LAST Monday. we've continued our daily walks. On Saturday, our kids went to Grandmoms for a while so we took the two dogs in Matt's Wrangler. The top was off and they got to feel the wind in their hair and soak up all the scents! Then we went for a nice long walk down a local walking path, they got in the stream and generally loved smelling everywhere that another doggie could have been in the last few days! You'd never know by looking at Chesterman that he even had a hint of illness other than he does make a weird hacking/coughing kind of sound after he drinks. Thank you everyone for keeping him in your heart!

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