Monday, June 9, 2008

Goodness amongst the chaos...


I've so many shoots I want to blog but I can only put 4 pics up at a time. I'll save some pics for another day!

First let me thank everyone for your kind thoughts about Mr.Chester. I can feel your positive thoughts...thank you! I've had a couple friends/clients give him some goodies lately so he's feeling like a minor celebrity. Today my friend/client brought this ENORMOUS leg bone thing that I made him have outside. It was so big he could barely carry it and Chester's not a little guy. He pranced up and down the fence line in front of the neighbors two Goldens showing off his "catch". He was all, "Hey, I've got Cancer but Cancer ain't got me! Look what I just took down...entire leg of something!" I'll show you a pic of that tomorrow...pretty funny! Thanks Ashley!

On another positive note...I entered Chester's pic into a doggie calendar contest for Toyota through a local dealership and it looks like his pictures going to go to the national finals! Cool! WAY to go CHESTERMAN!

And last but NOT least...I've had this under my hat a week or so. I've been hired to be the 4H photog at the Harford County Farm Fair! AWESOME! I'm so KNOW I love my animals! AND I love kids so what's a better mix AND my booth will apparently be by the petting farm! YEAH! ....I just have to remember my claritan! I have all kinds of ideas for my booth and I'll be ordering some canvases too! Speaking off, keep checking the blog, I'm going to offer a canvas sale to all the shoots I've had since March, including June! These are GORGEOUS canvases from the same maker that OPRAH uses however they are one of the most resonable and highest quality on the market!
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Tracy said...

I must say I am anxious to see miss Meghan and the ballet costume!!