Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tiny dancer


I've had the pleasure of photographing Ms. M last year. Those big blue eyes and impish grin...KILL me! She's a sassy cutie with lot's of MOXIE! These were between her dress rehearsal and the recital. Doesn't she look gorgeous?! I KNOW her Aunt Tracy is stalking this to see them! :-) Tracy, we HAVE to get together!

Okay, couple other thingys, I'm trying to get a cool design down for my booth at the farm fair and I "think" I've gotten it...I'm EXCITED! Let's just say, that my dad and I went to a salvage yard today...FUN STUFF! REMEMBER, I'm offering my artist discount to all clients until the middle of June (from Feb. on) a special on any canvas they order. The site is www.pixel2canvas.com . THEY do AWESOME work! I'm ordering at least 4 for myself for the fair and for MYSELF! LOL

If you are easily offended don't read any further! :-)

Here's another little Peytonism (long time blog readers know I share cute little things Ms. P says). Some background info here...Peyton is a total brunette but BELIEVE you me she got the BLONDE gene from me (not that I'm a blond any longer except for the delightful highlights my sister garnishes me with). As another note, I'm 50 % of Polish decent...yeah yeah so you ALL have heard the POLISH jokes before. I often tend to say the wrong thing or do something REALLY stupid and tease and blame it on being Polish. If YOU can't laugh at yourself...you've got issues! (WARNING: a little religious thingy here coming up) The other day Peyton heard me say something stupid (I wanted one of the kids to hurry so I said, "run like the light!" ...I think it's supposed to be wind or something. So I guess I was like, "I don't know...I'm POLISH!" So today leaving the grocery store with all three of my kids in tow and Ms. Maggie who FITS into our family so well and I love that the kids are friends (MAN I love me a run on sentence!) So as I was pushing the cart, I called back to the kids "line up little ducks" so they'd all get behind me in the parking lot. I'm sure the 3 12 year olds thought that was the STUPIDEST thing ever. whatever! Peyton must have strayed a bit and Cole yelled, "PEYTON, get in line, what are you thinking?" Then she says... "COLE, I can't help it, I'm Jewish!" And he was like (after going through 5 years of Catholic religious Ed), "WHAT?!" So Peyton YELLS, "COLE, I was BORN JEWISH!" So they both end in ISH, whats the big deal?
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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! I love those pictures. I can't believe there are places that beautiful so close! (Miss M is pretty easy on the camera lens too) It is a shame my girls don't really care for me driving around aimlessly to find all these beautiful places..