Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey, it's me again, and Chester.!

I've shown some other pics from this session but I like these also, so I thought I'd share. This is the client that brought Mr. Chester that big BONE. I figured I'd update you about him. He is still doing well. Slowing down just incrementally, he's eating like he runs 2 marathons aday but he's not looking like it at all. The prednisone is such a good med for this cancer, just like when we went through this with Cooper 3 years ago. It really makes them feel GOOD and act pretty normal, minus the taking the baked potatos off the island the other night, oh and taking baked sweet potatos last night. He NORMALLY would NEVER do that! But hey, a baked sweet potato is pretty DARN tempting, right? And what does he have to lose, he know's he's not going to get into trouble! LOL
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