Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Tonight I'm going to post some super fun pics from a session I had today...but I need a few hours. For the meantime, here's more of my kiddos!

About the Farm Fair. I'm going to be the 4H photog so I'll be photographing the "showing" of several types of farm animals that kids show. I don't have the details on all of that but it really doesn't matter to you unless you have a kidlet who's showing a piglet! LOL My booth will be set up by the petting IF you go to the Harford County Farm Fair (I hope you do, the kids love it!) look for me there! My father and I have been making a cool vintage feeling backdrop and display area...I'm LOVIN IT! I'm going to showcase some recent work in a bit of an unusual way (can't share all my secrets! already know I'm pretty much an open book about my life anyway!) AND I'm ordering these ULTRA cool canvases I mentioned in a previous post! If you want to check them out it's . Anyone can order from them BUT if I have taken your photos or will between now and the end of JULY, I'm passing my 5% artist discount onto you! If I get enough people, that might jump up to 10%. SO check out the site and let me know if you are interested and I'll take care of the rest...forwarding your digital file etc. if I still have it archived. I have one of Callie that I LOVE and the other two are getting ordered this week plus a couple of Gracie and Mason too!
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